Dreamscape Induced

As a part of meditation for WILD I take my mind to one of two specific places to dream in. This is a bit of a carryover from shared dreaming, where I put as much emphasis on the place as the control and actions of the dream. After reviewing my DJs I have found that this has could have an interesting CALD like use. Without meaning to do so, I have found myself dreaming in one of these locations from time to time in ND as if out of rote. Since they are places of my design and creation made specifically for dreaming, if ever I happen to find myself there I should know that I am dreaming.
This has yet to induce LD, but I imagine after my forehead smacking “obviously” moment just now it will become another very useful tool for me to do so. For whatever reason, I just had not put two and two together before.

Is there any other topics or techniques along these lines or would this be an extension of CALD, or perhaps it is just a billboard of a dream sign.

If not, is there anyone that would care to give a go and play around with it a bit in the good old Lucid Lab to see if it can be refined to a usable technique?

This reminds me a lot of VILD. I can’t dig up that topić here from the phone, but you might find some inspiration in it. I have used a similar technique many times, and it has worked surprisingly well with the right mood or mindset. I’ll come back to this tomorrow from the computer!

How has it worked for you so far?

[color=indigo]Since it’s you who created these places then maybe all you need to do is tweak it a bit to induce those LDs. Like you could put up signs and posters that say something like “Your dreaming” or “Do a RC” or “Become lucid” and anything else along the line. Once you see these signs in your dream places repeatedly then it should work.[/color]


Here is the big VILD topic
[The BIG VILD Topic - Part I)

I skimmed it, Pedro goes into great depth. I also will have to read when I get to a computer. I was shooting for a more passive technique in contrast to VILD, but thus far it looks very interesting and helpful, thank you.
Hasn’t worked so far, really it is just theory yet to be put into practice. I fear as though this technique will take a lot of effort, but will fit perfectly in with my needs. I’ll explain a bit more after I do an experiment of sorts tonight.

I love the signs! I had not thought of that. There is a dream sign symbol I use for rc’s I think I might just incorporate it into the landscape.

Glad i could help :smile: Try it and let me know how it goes.