I dont need to talk with everyone in the world about lucid dreaming. I think all the information needed can be found at Dream views…and probably LD4all too, without any connection.

Sounds good to me. Peace, harmony, and happiness. Glad that we’re all getting along. Now IM going back to dreamviews :smile:

Best wishes gameover.

Happy dreaming

Hahahahahahaha :rofl:

That cracks me up so bad! hahahahahaha :lol: How cute! Hahaha! No problem… now we know what has happened. :content: No need to apologize!

Anyways, Jeff… I agree… let’s be excellent to each other as our rule. I also vote yes! :biggrin:

Well, now I can always say… “Oy, why aren’t you being excellent at me?” :spinning:

Neat little rule, although some foreigners might have trouble understanding it. I say yes anyway. :content:

Once again… Jeff, what did I do which you wanted me to do for a long time?

Popping over to dreamviews now, want to post about the wikibook and the yellow links boxes… I think you know what I mean :wink:

Edit: I’ve just seen the “Favourites” feature over at dreamviews: how superb! Since both forums are phpBB, could we filch the idea? Surely they wouldn’t mind :wink: In return, they can steal the “read persistence” thing (i.e. unread posts stay marked as unread after you log out or your session expires)

Our posts do remain marked unread after logging out.

I think we do have a favorites, … or at least that’s how I use it, at the bottom of every thread you will see:
“Watch this topic for replies”
I have a filter on my email box that filters all my watched messages, so it’s my favorites box :smile:

Good idea!

I used to do that when i was on my computer… had fax. box, etc…

but I don’t do that anymroe cuz i use dad’s computer now and outlook doesn’t have a good security there… don’t feel safe to use it :razz: plus dm7.net email is broken anyways. :smile:

But yeah it was very useful! :biggrin:

But then you might get a flood of emails, and you have to be on the machine with your email (unless you use webmail), and you need to delete the emails after checking… etc, etc.

r3m0t, it’s not that bad… I just look at the thread that is active or that i’m still interested in… then when I’m done… I just delete them all with one click.

No big deal… and I could just subscribe to thread manually not automatically… all would still be in control.

I liked it actually how it worked. :grin:

I don’t have any problems with it either. It is an easy way to keep tract of what threads I am participating in. I think it works great.

OK, I still want it thouhh :razz: maybe because I never check my email.

Hey, why not make the Rule here about being superb? And not excellent?

Wait, is that another thread?

I wonder, how did DreamViews become so populated so quickly? I’ve never even seen DV before yet all of its members must have found it in the past year.

Dreamviews was a link in an article in “howstuffworks.com” so that would probably give a hint why it is so popular… :content:

Nice there are heaps of DV members posting in this thread, nobody told me this place existed lol :tongue: . That was probally my laziness for not looking around.

From being there and now to here, there are alot of differences and such.
Have to say, good job done on both forums, lucid dreamers are the sugar in my tea.

As im sure some of you might know dreamveiws is temporarily (hopefully) shut down and the reason is because Icedawg had some personal issues. If you did do a merger it might not work because whomever ran, paid for, and edited the site might back out and there wouldnt be a fallout place. When dreamviews was shut down it was hard enough to find this place i had to track it down, if everyone focused on one website, fallbacks might be forgotten about.

Blatantfish i mailed you that dreamviews members gathered here!
u didnt get the mail?


Well now your here thats what counts!

Btw the real talks are at the Dreamviews lifeboat section :smile:

o sry jeff i thought salamander emailed me, salamander was a guy whos im i saved from dreamviews. Well ya thats how i found this place, thanks for the mail really appreciate it, btw do you know that stalin guys email?

Mm i go sleep now when i wake up i look into it! :wink:

ok, fast before sleeping

Stalin guy and Deathwuad both left no email adress at Dremviews and there for cant be contacted! :sad:


Woohoo! I’ve finally made the hard swim to the lifeboat. Had a bit of trouble with my browser…wouldn’t let me exit the dutch site for a while. Anyway, that sucks about Deathwaud, I was going to tell him that we named our evil dictator bunny rabbit after him…