Dreamwalker help

I’ve tried out Daniel Love’s dreamwalker technique a little half heartedly in the past and never got anywhere with it, but now I’m about to attempt a week long trial of it in earnest. Has anyone had success with this technique or have any tips for it?

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I havent had success with it but if it does not work for you,try other techniques!

What is a dreamwalker? I just saw someone mention this in the comments of a youtube video today (synchronicity?). When I googled it stuff about lucid dreaming comes up.

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I agree, that is why I haven’t said I heard of it. Anyway, I gotta sleep. It is about 4am here and I have top wake up for school at 6,bye

I agree with zaat. It might.
AND, Welcome to the forum @zaat :thumbs:

Maybe he’s a Wheel of Time fan. :b

True, I get that…


Actually, I am! I’ve only read the first 6 books tho, so no spoilers!

I was referring to a method similar to VILD that a YouTube named Daniel Love came up with

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Aah I see

This is completely irrelevant but I just finished book 5. I did not see that ending coming! Once I get good at lucid dreaming I will be spending a lot of time in that world.

Anyways good luck.

Aah, that is irrelevant but it is somehow associated with Daniel love.

IF a technique is similar to VILD, then look at this, it might help

, remember if dreams will not work from that technique, keep on persisting yourself or choose another tech.

Alright, thanks! I’ll definitely check it out

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