Drugs in dreams

My first LD I had I smoked weed, but only a hit. It felt as real as ever though. Wish I coulda smoked more :content:

I also found out about Lucid Dreams from a website about the cultivation of marijuana. :tulip:

do you still get the munchies if you get lit in your dream lol

I smoked cannabis in a dream once. The effects were very strong, and really tripped me out. I had intense CEV’s, and a very strong body buzz. The high was similar to the high you would get off of a very strong Sativa strain, such as Blue Velvet or Romulan. The dream seemed very close to becoming an LD, but once I smoked the pot, my awareness of my state of mind was dulled, but the dream became very vivid and intense. I have smoked cannabis several times in dreams(hundreds of time IRL), and this was the only time I ever felt any effects from it. I don’t think it matters, but in case you want to know, I have used MDMA, LSD, Mushrooms, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Soma, Salvia, DXM, and several other drugs. This might effect what drugs feel like in dreams, because the dream pot felt a little like LSD.

Has anyone every tried experimenting with drugs in their dreams. would it change the way you precieve things? could u somehow get addicted? or possibly using your dreams to beat an addiction by generating the feeling that you desire while not harming yourself physically. please reply or pm me with your thoughts im very interested what people think of this.

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Careful Lucidmunkey :

im not talking about acctually using drugs. im wondering if imagining your taking a substance would produce effects. not even talking about hardcore drugs but say even smoking a cigarette in your dream or drinking a lot of coffee or beer. its not acctually harmfull to you but could it alter your state of mind in a dream.

it is safe, legal and its available in your mind. so its not against the rules

I did not say u were going against the rules i waas telling u to be careful as to where you were going or leading to…

Anyway, you were right.

alrighty, thanks for the heads up. if anyone has tried anything like this in their dreams, let me know. i still havn’t been able to hold a lucid dream longer than 5 mins so its hard to try much of anything but i will keep working on it. in the mean time continue to reply or pm. :smile:

in my experience, doing drugs in my dreams has produced highs almost exactly the same as they would normally.

i smoked weed a lot in my dreams when that is what i did a lot IRL, naturally.
i have eaten magic mushrooms in dreams 2 or 3 times and it has felt basically the same as a mushroom trip, only there was no onset, or decline, it was just eat, trip, sober.

in any case, i find it pretty amazin that my brain can just recreate such an intense drug experience.

i don’t think it could really help anybody who’s addicted to drugs, but i dont’ know, maybe. for instance heroin is very addictive chemically. if somebody trying to quit could recreate the feeling in a dream, without actually using the addictive chemical, perhaps it could help.

In one of my dreams my friend was urging me to try cocaine. I gave in and ended up snorting a line. I Almost immediately felt very drunken and inchoherent. I have never tried cocaine in waking life. This would explain why having no experience with cocaine, I felt the effects of something I have experienced before, alchohol. I imagine in our subconscious we all have a different view of being influenced by drugs based upon our waking life experiences.

Now that I read this thread and my previous response, I realize that although I’ve had my run in with drugs in my dreams, moreso lately than ever, I’ve never felt any type of “high”.

The last time I dreamt with smoking weed was way back, before my first post on this topic. Recently, it’s been with syringes that don’t have needles in them but I carry them around.

Oddly enough, I’m always trying to hide them b/c I know they’re bad but I’m never “high”

I can remember one of my dreams with drugs. I´ve never used drugs IRL. But in the dream they were all over my piano, 2 pills from about 15 types. I chose LSD. I expected that I will feel like flying or somehow like that…But no! I only feel tired :confused: And when I was okay again, dad asked me: “if you want to fly, why don´t you open the window?” :ack:

I never did it in real, i never did it in dream. I propably would be unable to do it in dream - I am pretty sure that SC olny repeated that what You felt before. But really, in dream i’d like to make things that are totally unable to IRL, like flying.

A few months ago I had a dream where I smoked ‘marijuana’. It actually was more like cocaine powder, but not - much bigger particles, like clumps. If anyone here’s ever played the game Morrowind, the drug looked like moon sugar - and I loaded it into a distinctly familiar pipe…might have been a Skooma pipe? It was interesting because it did feel more like cocaine than marijuana, but not really either - somewhere in between.

hahaha, you play that game way to much. I know what your talking about sadly…haha

I’ve done marijuana in my dreams and yes it does feel just like RL.

I’ve dropped acid in my dreams, but I’ve never done that IRL. In my dream I tripped out really bad. I was parts of the house, and I thought that if someone touched me the house was going to fall down. I saw bugs like a pcp trip, and I flew around the room. It was crazy, and I don’t think that’s really realistic.

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the only bad thing is our culture of abuse really, that the serious shaman cannot undergo proper ritual religious use of his sacrament (though there ARE a few churches even in America where you can do this…)

------------- so you guys, how do you get drugs to work in your dreams? I want to do them but choose not to because it’s not part of my path anymore (though it may be and time will tell, but I am being safe for now and working on sobriety).

for me if I do acid (never done it in real life and don’t think I will, because I feel naturally open to high vibration energy in my sober life, which means I could “trip” naturally someday in the future) or weed or mushrooms or peyote or X in my dreams (and the only one of these I’ve done for real in real life is weed) nothing really happens.

maybe 1 in 50 times something will work.

is it becuase my brain isn’t letting me, is it because you can’t induce altered states in your dreams? Because I’ve heard of hypnosis accounts where people are brought into having acid trips by suggestion, and I know the brain produces DMT and serotonin naturally…

is it just because I don’t believe I’m really taking drugs, because I know I’m dreaming?

it would be nice to get stoned in my dreams now and then, so it satifies my moderate desire to do so in real life.

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by all means, even the ones with benefit can do much damage in the wrong hands, though… it’s just that, they have their uses, and that’s why they synergize with our brains the way they do. if they didn’t have uses they wouldn’t work.

prohibition kinda thrusts all the good uses out the window, so there isn’t an environment for people to use properly and in the right context, whereas the WRONG context is completely allowed.

it’s like not supervising your kid the first time he gets behind the wheel of a car… or it’s like him sneaking out to drink underage because he’s not allowed to legally drink at home with his parents.

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in NDs I can sometimes get high though. i’ve had a few strange ones about salvia and DMT… I’ve done salvia but never DMT.

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Maoru, interesting read! I haven’t had the oppurtunity to try taking drugs in my dreams but I will definately try to do it in the future. It’ll be very interesting how far my mind can reproduce a mushroom trip :smile:

oh and this is my first post in like, a year… so hey everybody :smile:
Still see some familiar faces hanging out here!
I’ve been out of LDing the past year but still managed to have 5-6 LDs past 12 months… comment removed and I feel that I want to work more on exploring my mind so coming back to lucid dreaming felt natural.

see ya around :wiske: :tongue:

Haha, I’m sorry, but did you just say you did moon sugar in a skooma pipe? Thats hilarious! I’m gonna have to try that!

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