Enter your Mind

So just curious, has anyone had a LD where they Entered there mind? let me explain.
its like you are walking down a corridor (or however u visualize it) and there are doors on either side of you. above the doors are title such as “best friends” “memories” “skill/talents” and “subconscious” well thats what i mean by entering your mind.
so has anyone every done anything like that? what did u see, did u talk to your subconscious?
i wanted to ask this before i tried it because im still working on having long LD again. when i do do this i will post my LD.

Also just a thought, what about dreaming of a memory, in detail or something. would be intresting

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We’ve had a few lucid quests using this idea.

Finding Lost Memories
Explore your subconscious

also on a note. this is more of a discussion of using LD to enter your mind. and to think about your Subconscious in a dream

wow! that is an interesting idea/ thing to do in a LD!!! I will do it TOnight!!! :grin:

ok give us a link on your LD that is if u have one lol. happy dreaming :smile: