Every time I find out I'm in a dream, I wake up?

Hello everyone :smile:

I found out about Lucid dreaming off the bonus features on the Inception DVD, ever since then (about 3 months ago) I’ve been wanting a lucid dream, and been browsing these forums, studying techniques and watching help videos on YouTube.

I do maybe 3-5 RC’s a day, but never have I done one in a dream. However, in the last few days, whilst dreaming I’ve found myself questioning how I got here, and my surroundings and sooner or later I find out I’m in a dream, sadly as soon as this happens, I start waking up - I try spinning to try and keep myself in the dream but for some reason I have no control over my dream body, I just wake up. This has now happened twice in the last week.

What’s going on here? Could someone please advise me on what to do?

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But this is an RC in itself.~ When you think back on what you’ve just done IWL, it’s fairly easy to find a logical chain of events or at least some surprise that disrupted the chain. Even though logic isn’t at its best in a dream, this line of thinking can still cause you to say “wait, what?” and spark lucidity.

In any case, if you can’t move from your spot, you can always try smaller movements. Oftentimes, people anchor themselves in their dreams by demanding more clarity or to stay in the dream; shouting is perfectly okay because nobody is around to hear you. :razz: You can try to rub your hands together or to bite your tongue (which I’ve found isn’t usually there) to stimulate dream senses, which helps because it gets you focused on the dream and causes you to not focus on your actual body’s senses in bed (this might be part of what’s waking you). Focus on the little things and see if that helps.

Also, once you get stabilized in the dream, what do you want to do? Setting a goal for yourself might help as well so that you can say “I can’t be stuck here, I need to ________.”

Similar things happen to me. When I attain lucidity the dream is usually very fragile. I can feel it. It’s like if I do anything too drastic the dream will break.

What I found works best is more RC’s. Just because you did a reality check in the dream and are now lucid doesn’t mean you should stop. When I feel the dream fading I just do another RC and it seems to improve quality and control.

Just keep doing those and remind yourself “This is a dream, I can breathe through my nose when I pinch it, this is a dream, this is a dream, I can do what I want”,
Hopefully you’ll be able to actually function in the dream.

Best of luck, hope I helped. :smile:

Thanks guys, I’ll try all those tips. :smile:

Should work hopefully.

Another part of what’s causing you to wake up is probably excitement. For most people it seems as soon as they realise they’re in a dream they think “OMG I’M IN A DREAM, THIS IS SO COOL! Hey, how come i’m suddenly awake?”

Just relax and stay calm and it should help somewhat.

So you have reached stage on of lucid dreaming. Since this is your first few concious dreams its fairly normal for them to only last a few seconds.
Somthings I find help anchor me into the dream after my inital realisation that I am dreaming are to touch object, look around my landscape, only looking at each object for a few seconds, if stare at them they morph and lose the dream pretty quick.
Also make sure you have a simple goal, so that you aren’t just wondering around aimlessly.

3-5 isn’t nearly enough. I try to do one at the top of every minute. The more you put into it the more you will get out.

Nothing I can advise hasn’t been said better here:



Yeah, I know I should, but I can never remember. :sad:

I stay pretty calm, yet I still manage to wake up. :meh:

Trying to touch something is near impossible, its like I have no control over my body, and the dream ends in a few seconds.

Haven’t had this experience since last week though, and my dream recall’s appallingly bad atm.

I had this problem for a while, but don’t face this as a problem. It’s a chance to pratice your technique to come back to dreams. Once you wake up just stay still, do not open your eyes, relax, just think of nothing… in seconds you will be dreaming. Just wait some seconds and get up! :spinning:

Hmmm, that sounds like really good advice, thanks.

I know this works, because I remember doing it by accident. :happy: