Exhaustion and LDing

I wonder…exhaustion, both pysical and emotional can be bad for Lding ?
Cause in theese days I’m less hapier than normal and I have no Lds since start of the school year(I don’t like my school)…
so what do u say ?

I know stress isn´t good for LDing

Physical exercise is said to ease gatting lucidity, since it makes getting asleep faster, thus mantaining more of an awake mindstate while sleeping. However, it also enlarges deep sleep time by some margin, and less REM means less dreams.

Psychological stress is another matter, though. A full day can bring exiting and vivid dreams, but being in a bad mood can only bring withdrawal whitin the bad feelings, thus unability to focus properly (meaning it be harder to get lucid in any way), and occasionally, nightmares.

As for your school, I’m sorry for you, but remember it’s only up to you how you feel, it’s you who decides. So, if you wanna feel happy, start looking at the bright side of things, count your blessings, end enjoy the simple present moment, in its fullness, forgetting about all those worries and concerns. What good will it be, keeping them going over in your head? They will only make you feel sad all over. So just think positive. :smile:

Thanks for the advice ! I really want to have a LD , but it’s like something in me that blocking this will.
I’m sure it’s because of the stress from the tests and from what will be tomrrow, but I’m almost always optimistic.
In 3 weeks I’m auditioning to a new art school, and if I’ll get in , I’ll be so happy, and I hopw that lucid dreams will come that day!

I’m probably going to spam this link up until I die. Or until the mods mute/ban me. :grin:

[Stop trying to dream.)

[spoiler]After my first lucid dream 6 months ago I have tried every day, using blinking lights, vocal cues, setting reality reference points, asking myself if i was awake, and truley wishing to become lucid.

It didn’t happen.

Every night when I said, I want to be lucid, i really really honestly want to be lucid, I never was. After watching a film called “What the @#%$ do we know?” I understood the concept of modifying your reality.

Entailed in the film was a message that everyone creates the conciousness that they sense around them. Ultimately you have entire control of the situation, but most are conditioned to believe limits exist. To remove these limits you must just believe it honestly and 100% - the slightest bit of doubt will cause the situation to exist in full. I decided to put this into practice - with no doubt.

This morning I applied the same techniques, but with the new pattern of thinking - instead of ‘I want to be lucid’, my statements becaume ‘i AM lucid.’
I became lucid, and had my first flying experience.

Just like that.

The thing to realise is that to wish to dream, is to ultimately create one. But to create a dream is to accept possibility that the dream does not exist - and people are negatively conditioned so this tends to be favoured.

In summary Stop trying to dream. Become the dream.

That slightest doubt is what i call sitting on the grey-line-fence.

Its the condensation of all ‘hazy’ factors leading to either choice A or choice B.

If you are sitting on the greyline fence, you have choices.

You can sit on the fence.
You can step into yard A.
You can step into yard B.

All of those thoughts are process based. Sitting on the fence is a process, stepping into either yard is a process. The process involves whatever actions required to get from fence to A or fence to B, or to maintain balance on the fence. All three examples will fail ultimately, because processes are gradients from one location to another.

In simple terms:

If you want to walk to the shops, you have to perform the process of walking to the shops. you could get hit by a bus, fall and break your leg, etc, infinite variables stopping you from reaching your destination. This is sitting on the greyline fence.

But what if you just walk outside and purely acknowledge the fact that you are at the shops? Suddenly you look around and realise you’re not at home, you’re at the shops.

It’s like reality teleportation. Walking from A to B is a gradient that can be full of failures and problems.
But if you just warp instantaneously from A to B, there is no process, and you realise that you are just at B.

A practical example of this is long distance driving. Next time you go for a mega long drive, you’ll start to get fatigued, and suddenly you’ll go “WHOA, i’m at my destination already”

what you experience there is, the removal of the greyline fence theory. You get in the car expecting a greyline system to occur, but sometimes you just blink and you’re at your destination. That’s the practical acheivement of this state. Now just implement that theory into your subconcious. dont drive from conciousness to subconciousness. Just blink and go ‘wow, i’m there already.’

The reason I feel that everyone needs to see this thread is because I used to search these forums for the perfect advice, and I think I’ve finally found it.

I hope this helps you.

bein tired helps
emotions - unfocused mind = no LD

u need a calm mind and a focused one to LD
or your mind wanders off and u wont LD …ull be doin jibberish somethin else
thinkin of a rock and an ant mixd together or somethin lol