Experiencing Death

Has anyone ever let themselves die in a lucid dream?
I mean I know that normally nothing would be able to kill you,
but has anyone ever willed themselves to actually die, and just let it happen to
see what it was like?
I would love to hear of anyones experience with this.
I feel like it would be quite interesting.

I’ve never purposefully died in an LD, but my control isn’t so good so I have gotten killed on some occasions. Whether it’s an LD or an ND, dying works pretty much the same: a sharp pain followed by everything going black. After that, I’ll either wake up for real or “wake up” somewhere else in the dream world. If I do stay in the dream, sometimes I’ll be reincarnated as a ghost.

A couple of times I accidently killed myself by doing stupid things in LDs. For instance, one time I was driving a flying machine through the air, and I jumped out when I was about 6 miles above the ground. When I hit the ground, I immediately woke up.

I died in semi-lucid dream, somebody cut my throat. I got blood on my hands and i felt cold, then i woke up.

DIed many times in a dream, but not LD, once I managed to stay in dream after I died which made me realise I was dreaming :rofl: everything was black and it was a special feeling :tongue:

That’s a good idea.
Maybe I could experience the afterworld if there is one :razz:

I have died many times, its quite a rush. The last time i died i was shot in the temple, and thrown into a different perspective of reality, where I was looking at the structure of the reality i had just left. Most times i die tho it goes black for a second and I am so worried that I scare myself awake to realize im still alive. but i have lost control of my car and slammed into the median (during a dream) and i recently backed my car off of a dock into the water and drowned. but i really enjoy dieing in my dreams, not too sure why.

ive been killed a couple of time, but most of the times ive died in dreams, i was caught off guard.

ive been:
hit by an 18-wheeler.
shot in the head.
shot by a shotgun.
and hit by a plane (trying to fight the family guy giant chicken).

all have perfectly (kind of) reasonable explanations as to why they happened, mainly just the lack of focus at the time, and like i said, being caught off guard. (that plane came out of nowhere :eh: )

When I was little I remember I have a few dreams in which I’ve died drowning… It was like I had no breath and when I woke up I was breathing really fast.

In most of my dreams where I’m about to die, 1 of 2 things tends to happen. 1, I somehow magically survive (such as a bullet not quite killing me even though it’s at point-blank range), or 2, I get switched to a different point-of-view.

I remember once getting killed by machine gun in an ND, sounds similar to what everyone else has experienced. All went black and then … you know the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep? I got that throughout my entire body. Maybe that’s what it’s like to die.

I’ve died on a few occasions, but one that really stands out is when I was driving along a cliff, I swerved and fell into a lake. I drowned, and it was actually a neat sensation. I can relate that it was the same: panic, confusion, and then everything went black and I slowly woke up.

So many of us have died in dreams by accidents or getting murdered, but for somebody to actually make themselves die/ like commit suicide seems like they would first of all have some sort of serious depression. Like if you told your psychiatrist that you killed yourself in a Lucid dream, they would probably what to give you schizophrenia medication. :confused:

My latest death dream (still have to put it in my online DJ) I got shot down by a machine gun while I was riding in a one man helicopter. I fell to the ground and became paralyzed. The rummage I fell in began to come to flames and I was burning to death, so was in a way glad I was paralyzed so I couldn’t feel it.

Everything did go black and quiet and I woke up in a drawer! I knew I was in the morgue and screamed before the drawer was closed. the doctor said he was told I would wake up here…then I woke up for real.

I did happened to me of “dieing” in a dream in the traditional sense of word. But recently, I’ve noticed that I now mostly die upon feeling that I’m loosing lucidity and that my end is near in the dream world; I even say to dream characters that I’ll have to leave soon.

the one time i died it was like my soul came out my body and i was rising, floating up into the air, and i was like a ball of smoke. i also had 360 degree vision