Few questions I need answering please....

I only found out about LD today and I was fasinated. I know what dream theme I have and I want to try WILD. But I have a few questions here:

  1. Can everyone LD eventually?

  2. Is it really a clear memory?

  3. Do you imagine the things you want ans they just happen?

  4. How long will it be Before I can LD?

  5. Does the time in the dream go as normal time would. Or does it go faster?

  6. Is there any more tips that you recommend that I should do.

Im currently storing a dream diary.

Thank you for reading (Im sorry if they newbie questions, But Im new on all of this)

Hi, stigler! :smile:

When you get the chance, you should introduce yourself!! :wink:

  1. We don’t know if EVERYONE can. But yes, it certainly must be possible.

  2. I… don’t quite understand this question.

  3. Not quite… It is quite difficult sometimes to control dreams, but as with any skill, the more you practice, the better you get!

  4. No one can tell you that either… It differs for everyone!

  5. Or would it go slower? Usually, the dream time goes faster (I think…). However, there are reports of people in which the dream time seemed to run slower than IWL…

  6. Motivation. It is perhaps the biggest key to lucidity!

And a DJ always helps. Good luck with your Quest for Lucidity (no pun intended)!! :smile:

Yep. Everyone.

It depends of dream recall. You can improve that one by writing DJ (and you actually are doing so).Sometimes it will be hard or unable to recall dream, but mostly LD’s are very easy to recall.

I guess this is about controlling dream; Imagining is one of ways. You can give voice commands, expect things to happen, or just-by.

Maybe a day, maybe month. It depends of person.

It depends. It mostly goes normal, as REM state in reality. But there also are ways to extend dream time. However, they need loads of training, preparing, experience and some talent.

There are loads of them at main ld4all.com Lucid dreaming tutorial

  1. How long will it be Before I can LD?

depends on the person. it took me 5 months (thats longer than usual), it took one of my freinds about 2 months, then a couple of them had them the night i told them.

  1. I’m not sure if there are people who are not capable of having LD, I doubt that you cannot.
  2. That depends. Sometimes my LD comes back to me clear as day, like I had just stepped out from watching a movie. Sometimes it blurry confused images in chaotic orders that do not seem lucid in my concious state, even if I know they did then.
    3.To some extent. A lot of what happens in my LD I do not control. But usually when I try to control something it does work. Though the concious mind can fight against your actions. I recall the first time I tried to walk on water, my first step onto it I fell and sank into it. I had to frustratedly say to myself “No! I am in control” before I was able to rise again.
    4.It took me six months practicing, reality checks and dream journals before I had a real lucid dream. Before that all I had was minor control over ND, now and then changing something I didnt like. Keep at it and be patient!
  3. I am not really sure about time while inside my dream. I never seem to pay attention to time, as it doesnt matter to me in that state of mind.
    6.Be patient, do a reality check every time you think about it or something doesnt look right in waking life. And dont stress too much if you dont have a LD right away, I’ve heard wanting it too much can stop it from happening.