Fiiinally! A lucid moment

So I was watching this video of this graduating class. Someone had it on pause, and I heard them make a comment about “watch how fast they leave after they graduate”. So they pressed play and like 15 of the students got up and almost ran once the ceremony was over. I then realized that the camera angle had switched from looking down on them, to being in the middle, walking among the students heading up the bleachers (the doors were at the top). Then it went passed two kids I went to highschool with and I realized it was the dream. I let my body kind of slowly come into play getting a feel for my hands and legs (the camera angle was now just me). I saw an interesting girl still sitting in her seat, and I wanted to go ask her a few questions but I could feel the dream slipping. I tried spinning which helped a bit, and grabbed onto the bleachers, but before I could regain it completely it slipped into a false awakening that seemed to last over a day and took place at my house in my hometown (which I just got back from 2 days ago) so I didn’t ever realize it was out of place, although the shadow girl in the hallway would have probably been a pretty good indicator lol. It actually felt out of place waking up in my apartment because it was so recent and seemed so real. Sorry for the long post, I’ve read on lucid dreaming and tried to practice and remember techniques as much as possible, but looking back on my breif moment of lucidity, there were alot of things I wanted to do and could have done better to regain it and keep it… but I think I was just overwhelmed with the overall excitement of realizing I was lucid for the first time. So after your first brush with lucidity, does it get easier to realize and hold on to? Also what are some ways to help yourself stay on track when you become lucid… I think my biggest problem was just concentration, and excitement.

Congrats on your success! Here are all the answers to your questions!

I still have problems maintaining lucidity, even though I’ve had tons of lucid dreams. sometimes the techniques work, sometimes not. I think it depends what stage of sleep you’re in, like if you’re about to wake up or still in deep REM. good luck!

That’s awesome man! :cheesy: Congratulations. You’ll find that after your first lucid dream experience, they start to become easier and easier to attain.

Thanks for the link, lots of good info! Yea Darxide that’s what I’m hoping, definitely helps to get re-motivated about it.