First attempt

Im new here and I have been able to succesfully recal at least one dream a night for a week now and I am going to make my first attempt at an LD tonight. I have been doing some research and I think I am going to try WILD. Experienced members, what method do you think I should try for my first time? will you please explain the steps to me in detail, because I cant seem to find that information.


Well, depends on what works for you. Do you really want to try and go for it or are you lazy?

If you want to try harder (WBTB is very good then) and are adventurous, WILD is the way to go.

If not, you could always do RCs during the day and/or try MILD.
Also, whatever you choose, sticking on the forum and reading about LDing is very helpful, since it occupies your mind. The more, the better.

There are many tutorials, if it’s WILD you’re looking for, this is the first link I ran into [WILD - An user friendly tutorial)

If you want something else or just explore, here, you have the whole forum:
A decent guide to picking the right technique for you! :smile:

Only try WILD if you can easily relax; it really isn’t an ideal first technique for most people, but if you are not distracted by typical problems like swallowing, feeling itches etc then go ahead.
Actually the solution to this is fairly simple - just let them happen, swallow if you feel you need to and scratch whatever itches you feel, and eventually you will be closer and closer to sleep and stop paying attention to them.

I personally started with the WBTB + MILD combination, seems to work brilliant when I actually take the time to try it.

In any case, you need to realize that the secret to lucid dreaming is chiefly two things - self-confidence and awareness.
You need to learn to be as aware as possible of your waking life (which basically means that you should try to notice more details with all your senses whenever you are awake: ask yourself if there are any signs of this being a dream, memorize how you got to a certain place and where you are going, listen to sounds in the distance, smell the air etc), and really believe in that you will succeed.
Not just “hoping” that you can do it, but really knowing that you will succeed in the future.

I’m quite new at this myself. ^^

Thanks Guys,
All of the links were helpful, I am going to try WBTB and WILD tonight and see how it goes.
@Lord Antares thanks for the link to the FAQs, I didnt even think to look there.
Thanks again,

Good luck!
Let us know how it went! Remember, when it comes to WILD, there are no “failures”. As long as you’re trying, you get more experience, and with experience comes knowledge.

okay I will,
and one more thing. should i get completley out of bed when I wake up, and how long should I stay up before I go back to bed when I do WBTB?


Okay so I tried WILD with WBTB last night and I thought it went pretty good for my first try.
I went to bed at around 9:00 and set my alarm for 3:00. this sounded a lot earlier than everyone else says they do it but I usually get up at 6:00 though. I did some MILD before I went to bed and woke up at 3:00 to my alarm, I didnt wake up from a dream though. Then I got up did some stretches and stuff to wake me up, I dont have any way to read the forums at night because there is no computer in my room so I read through my DJ for 20 minutes or so. Then I layed back down to try some WILD. I layed down straight on my back, closed my eyes, and started counting(1, im dreaming, 2, im dreaming etc.) and I started seeing HI pretty soon. after I counted to a hundred a couple of times I felt SP set in(soo weird) I wanted to move just to see if I could but I didnt let myself. After counting to a hundred a couple more times I started hearing hypnogogic sounds. They were so real they eventually woke me up because I could have swore a large bug was buzzing on my neck. I didnt feel any vibrations though, and the HI werent as intense as I expected them to be, probably because I woke up to early though. After that I tried a couple more times but couldnt get to the Hypnogogic sounds again, so I looked at the clock and saw it was getting really late, well early I guess, so I just went to sleep after that. Im really excited to try it again tonight.

any suggestions?

Not bad for your first time. I’ve attempted WILD about 5 times, but I’ve never come to the HS stage. My only suggestion: Try it again and again and again! You’re already pretty close, and I’m sure you’re getting there soon!
Good luck :smile:

Don’t worry too much about HI and SP, sometimes I WILD and don’t even notice them. But that was a great first try nonetheless! Be proud of yourself, many people never even get that far with WILD :grin:

Im gunna try the same thing again tonight but try to worry less about HH and try not to let it wake me up… Ill let you guys know how it goes. :grin:
EDIT: actually im going to start trying MILD and DEILD because after reading more, WILD sounds like something I should wait on and try when I have more experience. Ill still let you know how it goes though :tongue:

Okay, so I tried MILD last night with plans to DEILD when I woke up from a dream, but I only recalled one dream and I recalled it when I woke up. :wallhit:
Ive been doing some more research and I think i actually am going to keep trying to WILD just to see how it works for me. Ive read about alot of people saying, dont WILD is not for beginners, and a lot of people saying anyone can WILD you just need to practice. so Im just gonna get out there and do it and see how well it works for me. :content:

Sounds like a good idea. Remember, barely anyone gets a technique right the first times they try it. That’s probably why so many people lose motivation so easily. But it seems like you’re really devoted to this, so I say again: Good luck! You’ll find yourself to be a lucidity master in no time! :smile:

That’s pretty awesome! I’ve been attempting WILD for the past couple of nights and last night I finally got to HS last night. It was sooo weird, I kept hearing this man whispering in my ear. I fell asleep soon after and no LD, but I’m able to recall my dreams a lot easier!

I think I had a FA this morning actually. I dreamed I had a dream and wrote it down in my DJ but when I actually woke up, nothing was written down. Kinda weirded me out.

One thing that will help a lot is training yourself to do an RC every time you wake up. It’s the best defense against FA. Congratz on your progress :content:

Thanks! It seemed that I took one step forward and then two steps back. I decided to try the WBTB and then follow with the WILD last night and it didn’t work at all. I didn’t even remember any of my dreams.

Back to the drawing board I guess. :neutral:

No, not back to the drawing board at all! Here’s one thing you’ll need to learn, no one technique is going to work 100% of the time. The key is to maintain them and over time you’ll get better at natural spotting the dream without help. Keep up what you’re doing and don’t get discouraged.

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I hope that helps!