first ld!!! eventually

I’m very happy i ecentually managed this as its a year since I started my DJ.
As expected it obly lasted a few seconds after I realised i was dreaming as I got exited and woke up.
Apart from spinning are there any other ways to hold on to lucidity for longer ?
:smile: thanks in advance

well it usually increases with practice. meaning, the more times you LD, the longer the dreams will be :smile: that’s because you gain confidence and stop worrying so much, also stop getting excited at realizing. at least that’s what it was for me :smile:

It’s nice to hear that you’ve achieved what you were waiting for. Don’t worry about not being able to control your emotions during your first lucid dream, that happens to everyone :smile: To make your dream longer and to control your emotions I suggest reading this guide - Dream Control Training Course. It’s quite long to read, but it’s certainly an ideal guide for those who want some knowledge about relaxation/stabilisation techniques. Wish you good luck on getting yout next (and, hopefully, longer) lucid dream.

Thanks for the advice guys.
I’ll try bot to getto excited next time and definately give that guide a read :smile:

Rubbing hands should also help, or feeling some other textures… Concentrate on something specific should bring your attention to it and help you to stabilize a dream.

thanks dB_FTS!

Congrats! Time to update your LD count.
I’d suggest you keep trying and go into as much depth as possible in your DJ. After the first LD it starts to get easier, so don’t get discouraged and just keep going.