First LD- Now what?

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Anyway, last night I had my first LD, like a real one where it wasn’t just “Holy crap, I’m dreaming” then instantly wake up (I’ve had one of those before, really frustrating). It’s in my dream journal, but the dream is basically just me gaining lucidity, running through a wall, trying to shove my finger through my hand, flew around etc. Then at the end it started getting fuzzy and I was losing lucidity so I shouted “Lucidity times 1000” and took a ‘Lucid pill’ but it didn’t really work. I was pretty happy with the dream even though it was only a couple minutes, I understand what y’all are talking about ‘that feeling’ when you’re lucid. :happy: Ok, so now onto my point, I’ve been basically just recording my dreams and trying some ADA. I really never thought I would get lucid, and I didnt even really believe lucid dreams were a real thing. However, now I’m not really sure what to do? Should I start MILD or some other induction technique or just keep up with what I’m doing, also is there anything I can do during the day to help make LDs longer/better or more interesting? I’m just kind of shocked that I even had one really and I don’t know where to go from here.

Yes you can start with MILD. MILD is just induction technique but you proved that with awareness and remembering dreams you can achieve lucidity.

The very first thing in lucid dreams is to put you emotions in order. Whether is that fear or joy, excitement or something else. Here’s the guide on how to do that. In that guide you also have answers on this question:

I would definitely recommend meditation. Just simple form of breathing meditation. Meditation brings calmness in our mind and teaches us patience…

Now you try again and again to have more :content: :rofl: :rc:

Congratulations! I’m right where you were, so reading this post gives me more confidence! What technique were you using besides ADA?

Congrats on your first lucid dream :happy:, and yes, they are real :wink:
Mild is a great tech, and WBTB helps me out alot, but most of what you are going to do depends on how hard you want to try

Typing from my phone, so I can’t really do the quote thing. However, to the question about what technique I was using, I really just used ADA, I didn’t even really try it that much, but whenever I remembered I could keep it up for maybe 10-20 minutes. I also just kept a DJ and my dreams got more and more vivid.

Anyway, I’ve been trying MILD and it seems to be making progress. The first night I did it I totally lost all my recall. However, recently I’ve been more aware in my dreams, and even slightly aware of my dream state.