First Lucid a week ago

I had my First lucid dream a week ago :happy:, I would of posted sooner but my internet cut out. Now that i’ve experienced it, I need some tips.

This is how it goes:

I woke up that morning, I rememebred my dream and i was about to write it down when i felt so tired that i just sat back relaxing (Really tired), Anyhoo, I must of fell back to sleep, The dream i had that night was the same as the one i was having just after waking up.:

I was walking down a street i know fairly well with a few of my mates, we were walking past this hedge, something was wrong, I said to my self, ‘I’ve been here before…’ Then I realised this is what i dreamt last night, I then went, ‘I’m dreaming, This isn’t real’ I then went to my mate Tom ‘Tom, This isn’t real!, I was shaking him’ He simply just gave me a weird look. I did a reality check, I jumped into the air, I must of jumped a few feet, Cause i could jump much higher, I then attempted to fly, I ran and jumped. I kind of hovered for a little and then slowly fell back to the road, I then was just hovering over it, Then out of no-where, These girls from my class started claping and saying ‘Go Alex!’ Next thing I knew i was watching a battle between Romans and The barbarians. I then woke up.

My question is, How do I fly better? Because when i realised it was a dream, nothing came much more vivid. and Flying seemed impossible.

I was so happy that day though. Also, What technique did I use? or was it simply just being aware?

Hi altheman9993!

Congrats on your LD! :smile:

Errrr… :eh: Your question seems curious. What do you mean exactly? Your LD was a DILD (dream induced lucid dream). But only you know what induction technique you used in order to have it.

You can find many tips in those topics
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As you tried to jump, I think there is an interesting technique: you run and jump and make longer and longer jumps. As soon as you realize that one of your jumps is longer than you could do IRL, then you can fly.

:confused: That’s strange. Perhaps it will be better next time. Lucidity, control and vividness are not related indeed.

What I mean is, It’s that I had two of the same dream, So when I woke up, i rememberd what dream I had, So that when I went back to sleep it was the same, Allowing me to think that i’ve been here before. but take control instead.

HitchHiker’s Guide To The Galaxy method
I found that a rather funny way to fly. :happy: