First Lucid dream. But very low lucidnes.

It was really good feeling to experience my first lucid dream. It happened about 1-2 weeks after I learned about Lucid dreaming. And It’s a little misty i can’t remember it very good.I was talking to one of my friends than I suddenly realized that I am dreaming. I’ve done the reality check with the nose and I’ve breathed. Then the only thing that came in my mind was flying. And i jumped raising my arm and I flew but I was very slow. Than my memories are not very clear and I think in this moment I’ve started loosing my lucidness like I was forgetting I am dreaming. I remember than my friend started flying I was upset because he managed to fly great fast and good I couldn’t not even remembering It was a dream. Is this common event to forget you are dreaming?

Sorry for my bad English.=]

That’s one of two most common scenarios for a first LD…the other one is waking up instantly due to the incitement. In fact, I had my 9th LD last night and still I forgot I was dreaming within a minute (I was lucky to remember it again a few minutes later and became lucid again).

You may want to read this topic as ‘first aid’:

This topic is a little bit longer to read. It’s very useful for your next step in the learning curve of lucid dreaming: Make the most out of your lucid dreams.

Congrats for your first LD mitaka! :good:
Learning to control an dream and to stay lucid might take a little getting used to it, but what’s best is, you can practice both of those while outside a dream :content: just figure yourself in one, and behave like you were lucid in your daydream! WL imagination and dreams are very close, so you are doing some really important practice by this, and by the time you dream again, you will be ready. :smile: Good luck!

I imagine some stuff in WL everyday. While walking to somewhere and listening music on my mp3 player or if I am bored in the University or somewhere else. I imagine stories conversations and many more some really absurd but I like to switch off myself for sometime and go to some other place than I just snap and get back to reality. I’ve caught myself sometimes while I am walking and thinking of something that I might really talk or do some motions with my hands that are caused by my imaginations. And I am doing this for a long long time everyday. Hope this will help me :smile:

I tend to daydream off sometimes as well ive never become lucid in a daydream but i hear that its a good way to become lucid since your controlling it to begin with. ive only achieved low level lucidty and maybe only dreamed about being lucid but tonight im hoping to have a realy good LD. (3:30 am and i woke up :happy: ). I know dream memory is important what just helped me was having a notebook next to my bed and as soon as i woke up return to the position i woke up in and try and reimagine all of the dream u can rember, it helped me recall one i had forgot since waking. I’ll wok on getting better at posting so i can have links in my post to lead you to the direct source of what i was talkin about.