First lucid dream

Last night was what i believe to be my first ever lucid dream. I fell asleep and for some reason i just appeared in my house watching tv and the first thought i could make out was “Oh dude im dreaming” so i go outside and i start walking to a nearby lake to see if i can swim without breathing. once i get there i thought “Fuck it i may die its to fucking cold” and then i woke up. Any tips on how to get further?

First of all, welcome to the forum! :smile:

Further than what, specifically?

If it’s self control, you need to learn to reaffirm that you control your own actions if you want to. And that the dream world you’re in cannot harm your physical body in any way.

If it’s about prolonging lucid dreams or increasing your control, have a look at some of the articles posted on this forum, such as tosxyChor’s dream control training course here.

We can probably answer your questions in this topic too, but you’ll have to be a little bit more specific. :smile:

What i mean by that is: My dream seemed to me like it lasted 3 seconds. i hear that people can perceive it to be like a week. how would i go about doing that. Also in my dream i only saw 1 person and that was before i got lucid. perhaps thats because i was exited that i became lucid and i forgot all about talking to SCs. i dont know.

Well, first you get accustomed to the dream and its workings. You learn to stay anchored, like rubbing your hands when things start to fade or similar, and learning that whatever happens, you’re the one in control in there. You can even use that as a mantra if you wish, works wonders for me :content:
When you’re familiar with dreams and are able to live one properly, then you can start prolonging time in them, but I guess by then it will be time for another topic :wink: Take it in steps, and learn to take what the dream has to offer first.

Good luck! :smile:

Its common for your first LD to be very short, so don’t worry. As you get more experiance, you can use different techniques to prolong your lucidy.

my first glimpse of lucidity was in the middle of a fight against like 4 people, when i realised the excitement forced me awake in seconds. the second and last was quite longer in comparison, although eventually started to fade and i woke up.

like said^ keep going through the steps, its like anything else you learn, you start a rookie.

Congrats phatsplox! :smile:

Don’t worry about it, it sounds just like my first LD, just when it get interesting you woke up, it’s a common problem for us beginners. Just don’t give up, i believe it’s too much fun. :grin:

My first LD was short too, but not because I was excited, but…

I was tired once, so I decided to have a rest (not sleep)… guess what happened- I fell asleep. I even said to myself “I don’t want to fall asleep

I woke up in a dream and saw a cupboard (the one that hangs on wall) across the door. I thought that was weird and BANG! gained lucidity.
But my brain took my words too seriously and the first thing that popped in my mind was “I didn’t want to fell asleep, c’mon, wake up”, which I promptly did :cry: .