First Steps to WILD part III (Basic WILD Q&A)

sorry for not answering your questions… but i have little experience with WILD :meh:
anyway… i would like to know some details about WILD… until now i didn’t use WILD but i want to try it so i ask…
i understand everything until SP… well you try to stay awake while your body falls asleep and when that happens SP occurs und what next?
and the other thing is that i can’t imagine being awake in the dream if i’m not even really awake in reality… well i mean… if you wake up at night you are pretty tired and then you try WILD… but i can’t imagine being then awake in my LD ~.~
so can you please tell me something about it?

Ive been trying to WILD the past couple of nights as well and I’ve met the same difficulties as Bilzo described:

Could someone please help me (and Bilzo) with this problem?

Maybe you concentrate too much your attention on you body parts. Do not.
You must focus on the images you can see in your mind.
The more you focus on your body, the more you will have difficulties to fall asleep consciously.

I´ve read someone saying that counting to 400 would induce WILD, but he always sleeps or get bored in the middle
so, once I have some trouble sleeping sometimes, I though: well, I´ll just count to 400 If I have a LD, good, If I don´t ,good also cuz Ill sleep anyway…
what indeed happened was quite different… I started counting…
1-300 just relaxed
300-400 started feeling something weird, then opened my eyes
well, I wasn´t dreaming so I tried again but 500 this time
1-100 relaxing
100-400 I started to get that feeling again… it´s a feeling I´m VERY used to, but just can´t remember when I felt it… that sounds paradoxical…
400-500 thought I was dreaming, so started moving… but i wasn´t…

so here I go again
1-400 a little of the feeling
400-1300 nothing, and I started going crazy and couldn´t sleep

once this was on the evening, I went to my yoga normally, but had some pain in my eyes
at night, I tried again, and counted to 1700… I felt a little of that sensation… but after it I wasn´t paralyzed … and I couldn´t sleep … it was frustrating and uncomfortable

anyone knows how can I overcome this?

I’ve been trying to WILD for the past week with little success. I have two major problems. The first being that I don’t see any HI. That generates from the fact that I’m not completely sure I’m in SP. You see, my body goes numb, and I know that’s not SP. But then I get this definite feeling that I know something is different, but I can still move if I really wanted too. Then, I try to concentrate on the strange colors I see behind my eyelids, but every time I try to look at them for longer than a few minutes, they disappear, and I have never gotten anything near “images.”

The second is something that really helps me in everyday sleeping, but has become quite bothersome in the past few weeks of attempting to LD. I fall asleep fast. Not exaggerating, if I try to sleep, it takes me 10 seconds tops. Because of this, I have to work to keep myself consciously awake. I think this might be interfering with my WILDing, but I’m not sure, because I don’t keep myself too awake.

In any case, I still have no idea how to get my HI (if it is in face HI) clearer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :woo:

princerocker … since you go to sleep so fast WILD is definitely the method for you.
The problem may be that you are focusing too much … you have to casually observe them.

may be try something slightly different … if you are good at visualising something maybe visualising your own object while doing WILD or even doing VILD may work better.

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Vild link - Visually Incubated Lucid Dream - Dreamer incubates a specific dream setting in which he/she will do a R.C and then become lucid

Hey there!

Well, I tried WILD last night after a long time, and I think I got pretty far because I started to hear noises, and my body went quite numb… but I just have a couple questions and was wondering if anyone could help me with them?

  1. Are you supposed to be unable to move your body? Because at some points, it’s very challenging to move an arm (for example), but I still could if I really wanted to,

  2. What am I supposed to do when my eyes start to go crazy (blinking and kind of spasm like?)?

  3. I’m having a really hard time keeping my eyes closed. I’m not sure what it is, but last night when I was attempting WILD, I was following certain colours and shapes in my eyelids. I realised that these shapes were turning into my bedroom, but the exact same view of my bedroom as if I opened my eyes (I hope that makes sense? Like, if I opened my eyes I would see my wall, a little bit of my pillow and my bedpost, and in my eyelids, it would turn into that exact view). So, after I realized these shapes were my bedroom, I tried to anchor myself into them and the dream, but I would end up actually opening my eyes and being in my actual room (I did many reality checks). And I got so close too! But I would always open my eyes…

Any advice? It would be greatly appreciated!!

I’m going to start to use the Wild teq. tonight. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what to do or a place where i can go to find info. I find that WILD info is all scattered. Thanks…

Well I’m off to try WILD for the first time wish me luck, heh. Night

Wow, thank you moogle, I will definitely try that one out tonight. I’m not that great at casual observation (I end up studying and analyzing them, even trying to interview them at times. haha) But I am pretty good and visualizing. Maybe after a while, I’ll even start talking to the banana. Taha, I bet it will have plenty of interesting things to say. I’ve always wondered what life would be like as a banana.

Thanks again! :grin:

im off to do the same thing.

good luck!

Whoa, canadian! Welcome :wink:
Good luck

well I get to tell you what happened. Can you guess? If you guessed almost nothing you’d be right. I was really relaxed laying there counting steps and my mind was blank until i saw some green for a second and then it went away and i guess i just fell asleep. Then i woke up in the middle of the night the first time and i remembered the dream i had but fell back asleep before i would decide to get up or not and I woke up again soon after having forgotten it. So then I woke up this morning disappointed to having left an empty journal space but I do feel surprisingly well rested. :wink:

well rested? well consider your self lucky :wink: most people find the opp with WILd for the first time. Keep trying.

kT4all, i think that everyones expereince and desire to share them is something that should encourraged to be shared not discourraged.

The desire to share will foster the will to win.

no action for me last night either.
i was doing the “imagine yourself walking down steps and counting each step as you go” … i must have gotten bored and dosed off. i fall asleep very easily sometimes.
i woke up 4 or 5 times throughout the night and tried to do WBTB technique… although i wasn’t getting up and really “waking up”… so instead of having LDs i just had excellent dream recall.
which is ok too :smile:

btw im canadian too. northern ontario.

Last night I got my second attempt at WILD I feel a little more tired than yesterday’s but oh well. So what happened? well I’ll tell yea. I was laying there relaxing telling myself to make sure i remember my dream and then I noticed I couldn’t move my legs and when I tried to move my hands they just twitched but I felt mostly awake so I tried to visualize something and I did. I saw a green spiderweb and It twirled around. It seemed it was only on the inside of my eyelid then I dozed off but I think I’ve made some progress from the first night eh? :content: By the way, of course I didn’t remember my dream it seems I haven’t been able to ever since I got this cold. :sad:

I only recently tried WILD and I have a question… If the HI are detailed enough for me to draw them, how close am I to lucidity? I know I’m closer than ever before because I finally know what SP feels like.

I honestly have no clue how I WILD’d before. I’ve done it about 2 or 3 times (one of them I had about 3 in a row though, through dream chaining). It was before I even knew anything about LD’s, and it just kind of happened because I was really tired, but kept consciousness. It was pretty crazy though.

Recently when I’ve tried to WILD, even using the techniques and what not, I haven’t been able to do it.

I’ve experienced everything associated with WILD except the hearing sounds . So I’m wondering is that supposed to happen, or does it only for most people. :confused:

Had my 3rd Lucid dream last night. once again, i lay back and relaxed without moving. Lately it seems I’ve been getting a bit lazy, so i try no techniques to keep my mind awake.
suddenly i feel my body succumb to the powerful buzzing of SP, and i realise i must’ve got carried away with my train of thought whilst lying down. I allowed the feeling to get more and more intense until i get the sensation that i am being pulled into the dream world. I try and roll out of bed and it works… but i thought that i rolled out of bed IRL! so i gave up :sad:

Luckily, i soon realise i am in a dream when i find myself at the bottom of my staircase. I think to myself ‘hang on, I was trying to lucid dream a minute ago… why am i- …oh! it must be a dream!’. I try and push my finder through my hand, and sure enough it works. I notice that everything seems to be unstable, at times i have full lucidity where everything looks absolutely real, other times it seems only like a daydream.
I walk into the living room and i notice that it looks like it did 5 years ago, and it is strange seeing the differences.

All the time i still never grasped that i could have dream powers, until i looked around the room and thought ‘hey, why not try and walk through that window?’ the moment i thought this, my vision turned from what was more of a concept of a room, with different perspectives to a my own vision, like in real life. This sudden change amazed me, and the windows suddenly opened themselves, allowing the crisp outside air to hit my face (this felt very real :smile:). i climbed out of the window, and acting on instinct leapt into and decided to fly! my vision faded soon after this, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

It is strange feeling the difference between the daydream like feeling and vision I had at the start of the dream to the lifelike experience i had towards the end. looking back, my first and second lucid dreams were probably only these ‘concepts’ and not the real deal that i experienced this time round. I did notice that i never really felt like i was making an effort to walk in either of the first two dreams, more like i imagined where to go and i was taken there.

does anyone else know what i mean? :happy: lol