Flat on your back or on your side?


I remember I first found this site when I was 16 or so (21 now) and I’ve been dazzled by the ld-phenomenon ever since; sure beats me why I didn’t come back to this wondrous oasis in the often very webby web until now, but hey, here I am! :smile:

Well, what I wonder is if it’s only possible WILDing when laying flat on your back or is it also possible while laying on your side? How do you all do it? :smile:

Warmest greetings,

WILD in whatever position you can easily fall asleep in. The one advantage to sleeping on your back is that it is easier to get into sleep paralysis. SP can be helpful, but you don’t have to be in it.

I’d suggest you read this artcile on making WILD work for you.

Good luck, and welcome to LD4all :content:

Thanks! :happy:

I slept on my left side, woke up in the middle of the night and actually managed to induce some kind of SP!

Feels good to be back on da ld-track 4 sho!!!


I sleep face down… Soooooo WILD has been giving me some trouble. =/

I get really paranoid and scared if I try to sleep on my back. It’s a terrible experience even without SP, because even if I do fall asleep I only have nightmares. WILDing on my stomach is definitely most natural for me. So far I’ve succeeded twice, although losing lucidity in the very beginning of a dream in both cases.