flying difficulties

i know there are probably numerous related topics, but what the hell o.o. During my recent LD’S, my goal has to fly. I’ve had probably around 20 now but I can’t seem to fly. I’ve tried many methods, and I can get about 10 feet in the air but with tremendous effort. The feeling I get is equivalent to pushing an inflated ball into water… it just doesn’t work! anybody with similar problems have any remedy?

The thing is, you have to believe that everything is possible in a LD :cool:
before jumping off a cliff (for example), you should already have the intention of flying. No doubts, no thoughts like, ‘Is this going to work?’, because it is :content:
the only thing that stands in your way is yourself, :grin:

I agree, it’s all psychological ! In my first little “nap LDs” I could fly without any problems; so did I in my first “nightly” LD but in the second one, it was a little bit more difficult because I was less self-confident. Usually, I start from the ground and take off by pushing with my legs, but in that LD I decided to try by jumping from a window, and I doubted a bit, I was afraid to crash on the ground and wake up, so it worked but I was merely floating and I could only go down very slowly, like if I had had a parachute. So my conclusion is : it’s all a matter of self-confidence, tell yourself it’s gonna work and it will !

Like the others said, believe you can and you can. That’s the key in Lucid Dreaming.

You might want to check out this topic which is about different styles of flying. It might give you some inspiration of how to fly. Also, this post might help you in thinking of ways to grow your confidence. TosxyChor stresses to take it easy and doing something that you already have confidence in. It’s your dream, you are in control.

I used to have the same problem. I ended up finding sticks and brooms and suchlike to help me fly, since it was much more believable than just flying without anything. As i flew more and more it built my confidence with flying, until eventually I was flying similar to the witches in the Golden Compass movie, holding onto my broom but not riding it. The next logical step was to do it without the broom at all, so now I can fly pretty much unaided.

As it was said, just little ways of building your confidence. But in this case you can do some flying in the meantime =p

Yeah it’s all about the mindset. I only had 1 LD so far in which I was able to do anything and the first thing I did was fly. Before I became lucid I always said I wanna fly, and I always thought that I wouldn’t have difficulties… my friends say that is because I’m high as a kite anyway but that’s not true :content:

But I became lucid and I just went; “I’m gonna fly now”. Not “Let’s see if I can fly…” nor “hmmm I wonder how this works out then”. Just know that you can fly, and believe in it, with confidence. “I’m going to fly now, and nothing is going to hold me back!”

Do not believe you can, KNOW THAT YOU CAN!!!

If it helps, stand still for a while, gather some force from whatever you like, and then JUST START flying.

Do not even think too much about it, I know you can, you know it and everyone else know that you can fly, just do it, you have it in you, it is just a matter of time.

Good luck! :smile:

I agree with the “you must believe to be able”.

However there are techniques and ways to fly in dreams.

To train flying, I suggest to start jumping, hoping to stay in mid-air for longer and longer. Soon enough you you find how to stay floating at will.

While flying, you can keep your arms, open or closed, or maybe with one pointing at your front.
These positions offer different experiences while flying, remember to enjoy the sights, wind, altitude and speed.

Just try not to think about flying, find in your dream or create building or something high enough, and then just picture yourself on top of that building, without thinking about flying, and see what happens.

I mostly fly in my dreams, but never with any particular intention, for example once I had to cross over some high fence, and I just picture myself on the other side and I start flying. And when I said try not to think about flying I meant in a dream, but it’s good to set intention before falling asleep like mantra…

And I do agree with all previous advices :happy:, mine was just from my experience…
Good luck!