Flying, how difficult is it for you?

It’s been second nature to me in LDs! For a period of time that was the first thing to come to mind whenever I became lucid; I was unable to think of anything else at the time. These days, I still have some spontaneous lucid dreams but nothing of epic proportions like I used to. Try sprouting wings, that’s a good move, too. :cool:

I have difficulty flying on my own in dreams, but can easily fly cars etc. I find it much easier to control a vehicle than to try and ‘swim’ in the air.

I find flying difficult (or just need practice).
I discovered this website about 1 week ago and had my first LD 2 days ago.
When I became lucid, I was standing on a building in a city and the only idea that came to my mind was flying so I tried the superman method. I flew a few metres then I started directing to the ground. I crashed and woke up :cry: next time I guess I’ll try something else…

the only time ive ever flown in any dream was in a ND of an LD. it was dissapointing when i woke up and found out i wasnt actually having an LD=[

Flying in a lucid dream is impossible for me -_- Wakes me up every time. I have yet to try different flying methods though, but my ld’s come so rarely that I’m not sure I want to take a chance :tongue:

Flying aids are a good idea, but chances are if you’re not good enough to fly, you’re not good enough to manifest objects out of nothing. I’ve had limited success with jet boots, since I’m almost always wearing shoes anyway. The problems start when they stop working in the middle of flight…I’ve dropped from 500 feet and the crash landing actually hurt pretty bad! (My LDs regularly involve pain. Aren’t I lucky?)

Well, let’s not insult eachother here… :razz: Just because I cnt fly does not mean I can’t do other things. I’ve made things appear, I’ve hovered and I have moved things with my mind.

I just came up with something- Seeing as how my dreams are often game-inspired, perhaps I could pretend to go into ‘Noclip’ mode in my dream :razz:

Flying felt completely natural so far in all my LDs. I had no problem doing it. Kind of like Superman too. I just shoot way up, and can stop and hover to enjoy the view, whatever really.

I just wish I was this good at, say, getting lucid to begin with.

I’ve not gotten lucid myself (yet…), but I heard if you can’t fly, it helps to make something that would allow you to fly, i.e a flying carpet.

Flying is one of the easiest things to do in a dream for most people. :happy:

When I fly I can’t really see much and I often run into areas where everything will just turn gray. Within the first 3 seconds of my first lucid dream, I was flying though. I just need to learn how to see in dreams, that is my biggest problem.

When things turn gray, just rub your hands together.

I remember the first time I flew :happy:
Ever since that dream I’ve been flying more and more. At first, flying was difficult because I would run into stuff, and I wouldn’t fly too fast or too high above the ground. Plus, the only way I could fly was by flapping my arms and by air swimming. But now after all these years of flying in my dreams, I fly in my dreams as much as I walk in my dreams. It’s like second nature to me in my dreams now. Flying comes easily now

I find flying pretty easy too. I’ve also managed to stop time in my dreams before :happy: that’s even cooler.

The second time when I tried flying, when I was all feather like, after getting stable I tried flying to the moon. I wanted to go to the moon and sky dive towards earth. Unfortunately, it was taking to long so instead I turned around and headed to the ocean. Once I went into the ocean I got really scared. It was so muggy and dark. It seemed as if something could eat me up at any moment. I got out ASAP.

Its as hard as you want it to be…Thats how everything is in an LD.

I personally have no problem with it.

I tried to fly once, but it felt like I was glued to the ground xD So to escape frustration I moved onto something else.

I actually tried to fly for the first time last night (in my first LD! :yay: ) and managed to get pretty high off the ground for about two seconds, then started falling slowly. But I don’t really think it’ll be too hard to properly fly.

It was still fun, though.

I’ve only been semi lucid in one dream so far but in that dream I was having a problem with running so I thought to myself “Agh, I might just as well fly” and then I just lifted myself of the ground :tongue:
So it’s certainly not been hard so far :lol:

For me it varies from dream to dream. Sometimes I accidentally float off the ground without really thinking about it. Other times I’m lucky if I can even get off the ground at all. Generally though, flying comes very naturally. Scarily enough, any time I want to fly really, really well I just remember something I heard in some old cartoon: “To fly, just place all of your energy in your feet and let it guide you.” I’m not really sure why it works for me, but it does.