forget i said anything about an upgrade :P

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s so hilarous! :biggrin: Okie dokie. :wink:

Drugs…what they do to people?

I’m gone for a few days and you see what happends :content:

Lol ah, BioHazard is our secret drug… daily dosage of it keeps us sane. Ah, I gotca ya now. Okie dokie. :wink:

pasQuale you could have deleted this topic. Then when anyone asked about the upgrade, you could say “What upgrade? must all have had a shared dream!” :rofl: :content:

:lol: Moogle

And thus I stick by my “mods are stressy” statment. It was simly stress making you think illogicly. Only joking. Yes, as moogle said, why not have just removed the topic.

Also version 2.0 has a lot of security breaches in it. Where as 2.06 solves most of them.

Damn! And I was all excited too :sad:
Oh well, be sure to get the 2.2 upgrade ASAP! I love upgades, they’re like presents, could be bad could be good could be minor could be major could be anything. Just the mystery… sigh

I say we arange to “lose” Neo in the next upgrade that should be a cool mystery :wink: