Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

didn’t work, the recall is the same, and I dont think the mp3 got into my dream, maybe it wasn’t loud enough?

Listen to it as you go to bed, or better yet, after you’ve woken up from a few hours of sleep whilst returning to bed.

do you listen while trying to sleep or do you program the Winamp alarm to go off at a certain hour?
and you set it on repeat or only one time?

I just set my alarm to wake me up, then put it on using my CD player and fall alseep to it.

Just play it when you can.It for sure will work better when used with WBTB but this is because of your mind being generally better set for ld and whole lot of other circumstances.
But this file works in all ways- will be helpfull with any -ild there.Its like with RCs -never too much.
good luck:)

that’s the trippiest music I’ve ever heard. I play it at night reguardless if I’m trying to LD . :cool:

Im going to be trying this tonight but i want to know how to loop it so it will keep going. Isnt there an option in windows media player? I cant seem to find it. :help: :smile:

I played this file using an applescript which slowly increases and then decrease the volume sinusoidally, with an additional 5 minutes of silence between each crescendo. Additionally, it rewinds the track a bit in between, so you don’t miss the parts that are playing during the bottom half of the sine wave (when the volume is less than 50%).

Around 4 am I was having a very interesting dream, and then I started hearing the track playing. Since I had been preparing for bed a few minutes earlier, I assumed that I had turned it on, but forgotten about it. I was wondering if a DC could hear it (wish I’d asked them!), and tried to turn it down using a remote, because it was getting louder. Exciting but also annoying, because I recognized what it was, but it didn’t occur to me that I might actually be dreaming! Maybe I should try listening to the track before bedtime, and during every cycle (every 6 minutes) do a few RCs, so that I associate hearing the track slowly getting louder and doing RCs.

Oh, side note, the dream remote that I tried to turn the music down with – about 10 seconds before that, I was using the remote to turn down some lights, but they behaved somewhat strangely – they slowly got dimmer (which is what I was expecting), but they also triggered a lower set of lights. Of course, I just thought I didn’t know how to work the remote… Then the track caught my attention, I tried to turn it down, and then almost immediately woke up, and grabbed the real remote next to my pillow and turned down the stereo a bit.

Couldn’t go back to sleep, luckily I had to get up at 4:45 am anyway, and I was able to imprint the end of the dream quite well – sure wish I could’ve gone back to sleep and into the same dream, because it was really really interesting…

Here’s the code for the applescript: Possible Holy grail Technique part II (links to a specific post, not the beginning of the thread)

I was about to try this, but my headphones are messed up and they emit a screeching sound when I plug them in.

it seems that you got nearly there, Ageless. Try again and maybe you have a LD this time.

On Windows media under Play menu just use Repeat. I play this from 3-6 AM at a decent volume and it usually triggers a lucid because I’m more awake and I can hear the voice on the CD. It does get in your dreams when your more awake.


Once I’m in college, I’ll have my computer right next to my bed, so I can use this and put it on repeat whenever I like :happy:
I can’t wait, I have a feeling college is gonna be a good time for LDing.

Agreed, if you ever need time away it’s surely from school!

happy LD!

College good for sleeping?:slight_smile: This is very unusuall point of view- unless you mean time in a class:)

I think something’s wrong because I can’t download it, all I get is a quicktime bar with play, pause, rewind, etc. :cry:

Nevermind I figured it out. The only problem is I have to start it over and over again because of my crappy dialup connection.

Well it just finished loading and now it has to buffer everytime I play it for hours, it isn’t showing up in any of my folders, and it won’t copy to a cd. (I already checked the cd and it has plenty of space) I need some serious help as to what to do.

It sounds like you’re streaming the file from the website, not downloading it. To get it to your machine, just right-click (or control-click if you’re on a Mac) and select “download file” or “save file to hard disk” or whatever your OS calls it.

Alright, it is 6 AM and in 20 minutes I’ll go to bed with my headphones on :smile: I sure hope this works.

I couldn’t get to sleep with the WBTB method. I woke up 4.5 hours before I usually wake up with my alarm clock and then stayed up for 30 minutes while reading these boards. Then I started the MP3 and went to bed. I was very relaxed for about an hour before I gave up. Maybe I’ll try this again tonight.

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