Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

Once I’m in college, I’ll have my computer right next to my bed, so I can use this and put it on repeat whenever I like :happy:
I can’t wait, I have a feeling college is gonna be a good time for LDing.

Agreed, if you ever need time away it’s surely from school!

happy LD!

College good for sleeping?:slight_smile: This is very unusuall point of view- unless you mean time in a class:)

I think something’s wrong because I can’t download it, all I get is a quicktime bar with play, pause, rewind, etc. :cry:

Nevermind I figured it out. The only problem is I have to start it over and over again because of my crappy dialup connection.

Well it just finished loading and now it has to buffer everytime I play it for hours, it isn’t showing up in any of my folders, and it won’t copy to a cd. (I already checked the cd and it has plenty of space) I need some serious help as to what to do.

It sounds like you’re streaming the file from the website, not downloading it. To get it to your machine, just right-click (or control-click if you’re on a Mac) and select “download file” or “save file to hard disk” or whatever your OS calls it.

Alright, it is 6 AM and in 20 minutes I’ll go to bed with my headphones on :smile: I sure hope this works.

I couldn’t get to sleep with the WBTB method. I woke up 4.5 hours before I usually wake up with my alarm clock and then stayed up for 30 minutes while reading these boards. Then I started the MP3 and went to bed. I was very relaxed for about an hour before I gave up. Maybe I’ll try this again tonight.

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