@ Freecube, R3TRO and everybody else using VILD

Sorry but I have to bother you guys but… :help:

I’m new here and I started to make up a LD-Programm for myself. My goal is to find a reliable technique to induce LD’s . I heard about Pedro’s VILD-technique and find it very fascinating. So I decided to do VILD every evening. But I’m a little unsure how to exactly do it. Concerning the enormous potential this methode has and the few people that actually succeded, I’m afraid to do it wrong. So here we go:

  1. Could you please describe as exactly as possible how you do VILD especially what dream setting you guys incubate, please… Because I think it is crucial for the technique. Is it important to have people in there or could I use a plain room with a door and a sign that reads “Do a RC, Now!” or something :confused:
  2. Is it crucial to repete the dream setting until I actually fall asleep, or may it be sufficient to repete it until the intent to dream about it is set and then just drift off to sleep.

@Freecube: seem to be able to become lucid almost every dream. Could you share some of your secrets? (or provide a link if you already did…) Is VILD your main methode or do you use other Methods?

Thanks for your time!!

Cheers Tom

Ahem: [url]The BIG VILD Topic - Part I]

Ermmmm…Thnaks, but I know that thread. I wanna know how others adopted Pedro’s methode.
Did they do exactly as he described it or did they alter some things.

:sad: It seems that Freecube and R3TR0 haven’t seen this thread. You could perhaps try to PM them ? :eh: