Fun thing to do?

What is the funnest thing to do that you can think of? I mean the FUNNEST thing to do? This would probably intrest many people who are a little bored :content:

Sorry, I meant the funnest thing to do in an LD, me stupid :shrug:

Turn into a dragon and going on a killing spree.

Or for the less bloodthirsty of you: run really fast and jump from tall building to tall building.
Like the Matrix meets Spiderman. On steroids.

[url]So what do you want us to do?]
There’s lots of fun stuff in there.

I’d like to be Gandalf (from Lord of the Rings) and fight the Balrog (spelling?) as I fall tumbling down Kazzadum. Just like the beginning of “The Two Towers” movie.

That may be pretty cool. Falling thousands of feet, while fighting a demon and landing in a huge pool of water.

the funnest thing for me to do in a ld is usally to fly really really fast or if i’m tired of flying just call my sword that i always use in my dreams and chop some stuff up or fight monsters. Unless i want to relax then i just go to a beach and watch my dream sunset :cool:

And there too :
The BIG favorite things to do in a LD

funniest thing ive done…hmm.

ive got some injury ones:
-I tried jumping through a window and i hit it…
-I tried jumping in a tv and i hit it
-i jumped off the empire state building hoping to fly, when instead I fell on my butt
-I jumped off something…and woke up and I was on my floor. hehe.

yeah…fun things I do is like flying and mass destruction and jumping in tvs[not hitting them], jumping in to mirrors, and of course, chity chity bang bang with the DCs. :smile:

i think somthing ive always wanted to do even before i heard of lucid dreaming was have a major DBZ style battle. i heard of lding 2 months ago and ive been wanting to have DBZ powers since i was 13. i know its sad but in class as a joke me and my friend would try and move paper clips with our minds. yes we did fail the class but we had fun. i think DBZ is combining flying, with fighting and the coolest part in my opinion… shooting a huge energy beam and blowing up a huge mountain… oh man i cant wait till i get high definitiong LD’s.

also i wouldnt mind being some people from X-men… wolverine, storm, night crawler, beast (comon HES BLUE!!!)