GABA allowed me to have LD sex for the first time!!!!

well I took an afternoon nap and had a lucid dream. how do you like that? I’m going to try GABA once more tonight and hold off for the rest of the week so I can build up a tolerance. Just wanted to give people some info that it might work for you. It seems to have worked for me.

Well I read in my news paper in a very short like one paragraph article about GABA. It’s a natural neurotransmitter in your brain that I guess decreases with age. Some older people took it in this test and it is said that it helped them with memory and thought clarity because the neurotransmitter GABA works to counteract some of the extra brain waves that can interfere with clear thinking. If this is true then it makes sence that it would help with lucid dreaming. :wiske:
I kind of remember learning about this in my physical brain psychology class…
Also since you said it numbs your body it sounds like it makes it easier to wake your mind without waking your whole self.
Yourgod you sound close to LDing! I would say just keep it up and experiment like you aree already doing. :smile:

Well…I hope Gary32 or YourGod is reading this…I need some help over here,any help from anyone will be appreciated.

This post actually caught my interest and I decided to try out some GABA.I found GABA 750 from GNC like YourGod did(I couldn’t find the powdered one).The first night I tried taking 3 capsules(roughly 2 grams) and experienced nothing…

But the point is,when I took 6 capsules the 2nd night(4.5g) I still felt nothing,I am not even talking about lucid dreams here,I couldn’t even feel a single bit of numbness(no numbness = no stable lucid dream),even after waking up!Can somebody tell me what is wrong here?Does powdered form of GABA taking sublingially work better?I am going to try it again next week but before trying again I would like to make sure about this.

And Gary32,you mentioned using GABA in conjuncture with WBTB,do you mean you take GABA after awakening from 6 hours of sleep or do you take when you first go to sleep then wake up and then go back to sleep again?

Thanks a lot.

Well, it’s definitely intriguing as an idea, but I don’t think I’ll try it. Partly because I couldn’t afford it, and secondly because I would hate to use any form of drug to influence my thinking or brain. I just see something wrong with it. Also hypnosis, I could never stand to do that. In fact, I don’t even like meditation. I wonder what my problem with all this stuff is? It just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

I got 250g of pure ACS grade GABA today. Most of it is for a different use that chances are no one here knows about - involves a place where bees are

I have taken about 7 grams throughout the day and look forward to seeing what effect it will have on my dreams. I took some B complex a few days ago and that resulted in vivid dreams as well. Will post report tommorow