Ginkgo Biloba for increased lucidity of dreams +++

Before giving up on Ginko, find your local medical herbalist and ask for Ginko Biloba tincture. Tinctures from medical herbalists are the most potent, double the strength for only half the price. I wouldn’t even bother with shop products because I know how superior herbs from a proper medical herbalist are. Take the maximum dose they recommend (which should be 30 drops in a little water 3 times a day).

Give that a go for a few weeks, and you should have much better results.


Helluucid ! :wave:

:user: I have recently bought Ginkbo Biloba tablets that isays each tablet containing 100mg og GB leaf-extract. Is this the real 100mg extract or is it still just the less strength leave version?

Also, is it possible to just take this on occasions when you’re expecting to have a lucid dream? i.e. you have plans to do the WBTB the next morning.

Due to a busy schedule I am not able to focus on my dreams everyday, thus I would really be happy if I don’t have to eat tablets everyday still because it becomes quite expensive over time…

Thank’ya! :good:

and which one of the side effects kills you? lol :tongue:

cygnus, are you sure your not also just setting yourself up for defeat? it sound like your going to bed thinking, “-sigh- just as usual when i wake up, im probobly not going to remember a thing”. of course that could not be the case anyways. but try to have a positive outlook, but keep on it :happy: im sure that your dr will get better

I have had same periods when I had such thoughts, but this was after having a positive outlook for an extended period of time without much result. After taking a break, I continued to have a postive outlook. Just like now :smile:
During the day and when going to sleep, I am saying to myself that I have an excellent dreamrecall and such other affirmations.

It cannot be said that I am not persistent to achieve a better dreamrecall. Being busy with it the past six years :smile:

Why my dreamrecall doesn’t improve? Dunno…
There must be something different, which blocks my quest for better dreamrecall.

I am still taking my Ginkgo Biloba tablets, I have only got a few left. After this I will try your suggestion to take the Ginko Biloba tincture.

i wanna get my hands on some of that tincture, but im a bit its a bit out of my price range. so far ive been taking 180 mg of ginko a day, 60 more than the bottle says, and im getting some good results :smile: no ld’s yet but im getting some good recall…that is if i bother to record it after i wake up, which i usually dont due to the fact that the recalls real good making the dream real long and another fact is that i just wanna go back to sleep :sad: darn my lust for sleep. but hey, ima gettin results so this is workin so far

THanks Julie! Found some for 2.50 $ a bottle. Hopefully it’ll help my dream awareness and increase the vividness of my dreams as I already have excellent dream recall. I’ll try 200-250 mg to start. I’ll post the results, I’m expecting it’ll go well. :happy:

I can say that it definatly helps with dreamrecall. Otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen my nickname :wink: I can recommend to take ginkgo in conjunction with a smal dose of Vitamin B6+B12. That really works pretty nicely, especially if your running low on Vitamin B6,

Last night before I went to bed I drank a double strength mug of Ginkgo Biloba tea, and took 500mg of Gotu Kola.

Having the Ginkgo Biloba as a drink served a 2nd function, because I woke up at 4:30 needing to empty my bladder. I could pretty much fully remember the dream I’d just had, which is rare for me. I went downstairs to the toilet, and then afterwards jotted down brief notes about my dream, and then went back to bed.

I tried to visualise being back in the dream I’d just had, but that didn’t work. Then I tried the Lotus Flower Flame technique, but couldn’t get to grips with it. Then I tried to just completely relax whilst repeating to myself “I’m going to be conscious of my dream”, which felt like it was starting to work because I felt like I was kind of falling asleep consciously, but then I just…well…fell asleep! (I feel like that last technique shows the most promise though, because I can completely relax both mind and body but just keep one small part of my consciousness active by repeating the words)

So Ginkgo Biloba + Gotu Kola definately works for DR, and will probably help me LD if I keep trying.

By the way, I do quite like Gotu Kola. It’s relatively subtle, but it seams to relax the body whilst making the mind more alert. I’ve never had any bad effects from it either. It seams to be quite long lasting too, because I once took some (along with a bunch of other herbs) in the middle of the day, and still had fantastic DR that night.

Actually… it does have something like an overdose… if you take too many, then your blood gets thinner and thinner… so your blood can’t clot as easily, which means that it is easier for hemmorages of the eye and brain to occur. So you shouldn’t take amounts over 60mg for an extended period of time…