Girls you would love to dream about... Part III

Yeah–me too :razz:

And Quuippo :ebil: :cookiemon:


May I say that I’d like to dream about myself without looking like an egomaniac? :content:

Yes–yes you can do that :yes:

I know :love:

the only girl I ever have really TRIED to have a dream about was this girl from school…and there were no sexual intentions involved…i just wanted to talk to her in the dream…i did once…and it was really…pleasant…it was almost like talking to her in real life.

I’d like to dream about the Queen of air and darkness.

I’m the Queen of air and darkness! :grin:

I’d like to have a dream about sarah since she’s an LD4aller.

Although I’d rather have a shared dream with her!

silly :moogle:

I know! The girl from my dream the other night…

Mother Nature would be my first choice. Second choice would be…well, just a nice pretty one.

Oh, I have another one! :content: The Old Lady, the Dark Side of the Moon… You know who I’m talking about? Theotokos, the mother goddess—or the mother of God for Christians.

Thats an easy one Jessica Alba I have been trying but I keep forgeting and settling for any dream girl in every LD I have.

I want to see if see’s as :ebil: in the dream world :tongue:

There is this one girl that I always feel great love for, I want to dream of her again as I have a feeling she’s more than a DC.

For some reason I have always been incredibly attracted to that girl from the Drew Carey Show. Not the fat one, the brunette one.

Thats my type of girl :happy:

Ahhhh…Carmen Electra is a good one. Also Joanna Krupa and Estella Warren (models; in case you don’t know who they are, google them; you won’t be sorry)

Emma W
wooo…nightie night goes to LD about her

Who is Emma W? …and does your gf know about this? lol :grin: I’m telling!!! jk hehe lol

please read the guidelines about posting … chatspeak isn’t allowed now … 735#274735 :moogle:

Emma W is Emma Watson. (Hermione in the Harry Potter movies)

I agree with SRZ. Emma W!

I say one name… only one name…
I wouldnt just love to dream about her i would love to dream about maikng love to her :content:

Jenna jameson :smile: