Giving a title for your dream entry

Is giving a title for a dream entry that you are making necessary? even if its not, I’ve seen some people use them and they sound catchy and cool, but how does it help? and how do you come up with name for the title? I’m starting a new DJ right now and I don’t want it to be boring like … only having “Dream Entry: 14 Dec, 2010” as a title, I want to try make a title for my dream entries, any idea how? Thanks in advance.[/img]

I don’t think it’s necessary, but it’s helpful. When you look back at your journal, upon reading the title of any dream, you’ll immediately know what that dream is about, without having to read everything again. It’s useful if you’re searching for dreamsigns, or just reenacting some of your most interesting dreams. Besides, a titled dream is always better than ‘’ Dream Entry:19 Dec,2011’’, isn’t it :tongue: ?

As for naming you dreams, it’s entirely up to you. It doesn’t have to sound catchy if you don’t like. It can be just as simple as ‘‘Party with Friends :happy: ‘’ if you had a dream about partying with some friends. They key is for you to sort out your dreams from one another. As long as the title helps you recall the content of that particular dream, it’s fine. For example, a week ago I had a dream about a giant snake that killed everybody save for a woman. I named the dream ‘’ The Killer Snake’’. It’s nothing special, but I know what happened in the dream. :smile:

It’s not neccessary, I think. I just use it so I can find dreams easier. Like if I decide to write a short story (for school or just for fun) I might think “Oh, I could write one based off of that one dream!”. And then instead of searching for the dream, I could just check the titles. It makes it easier to find dreams.

I make my titles normally a main idea in the dream. Such as “Dream Shard” or “Starwars Returns”.

i like to give my dreams good titles, as i find it helps me find the dream easy, and so i can say, “this is when such and such a thing happened” instantly without reading through my dreams, it makes it feels like an event that really happened (if you can tell what i mean)

i would recommend anybody does this, plus its more enjoyable for you and other people to read

I always give my dreams wacky titles that fit the dream style, but if the dream is boring and dull. Well…you can try and be creative if you wish.

Supa Omega Journey To The SCHOOL DESK!!! in ND!!

I always give my dream entries a title :cool_raz: it just feels like it belongs to the dream, and it gives me a clue what dream Im reffering to :cool: (because I remember my dreams by title)