I heard some one on a different forum talking about these glasses from sharper image that turns on a red light once it detects REM stage. So then in your dream you see a red light and realize it’s a dream.

Any one ever heard of this?

Ye ive heard of it. I even thinks tehere is a special topic about it somwhere.

Allthough i have never used one it think it might work

make your own, they cost too much

How the hell could you make something like that by yourself?

Well you only need 3 things.

  1. Cash
  2. Internet
  3. And most of all TIME!

Yeah, true, true.

  1. A long enough attention span.
  2. Smarts.


You could also use an instruction like this one:


Sounds like a REM Dreamer but with less options to me. :razz: