Goal Oriented Dream Magick

I’m sure this topic or ones close to it have been grazed over before here so I apoligize if so but hopefully it will have some original insights.

There are allot of people that don’t believe in Magick.

And there are allot of people that don’t believe dreams really have much of a significance…and I’m sure allot in between.

I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience with Sigils and dreaming?

Basic sigil magick is (sometimes) comming up with a goal oriented sentence.

(ex. I will to remember my dreams in vivid accuracy.)

and condensing it down by removing all the repeating letters…

(ex. w t o b s n u)

then remove the vowels…

(ex. w t b s n)

and you’d turn those remaining letters into ONE symbolic image you know maybe the w on its side connected to an s shape turning into an n…(Oh, it’s often said to be done in ALL capitals)

but this image is suppose to be particulary unique and not automaticall make you relate it to the letters you used to make it up.

once you had this symbol it would be time to focus it in what’s reffered to as a GNOSIS-type state. Many people jack off, jill off, or have sex to orgasm while concentrating on the image. The idea being that the image gets sort of stamped into your subconscious mind at the point of orgasillumination…some people afterwards ritually discard of it…by fire, water, scissors…

More information can be found by just searching for chaos magick, sigils, Austin Osman Spare, etc…but I just wanted to pull out this technique and ask if people have used this as a tool in dreamwork. It’s a fairly straightforward technique and while it’s reffered to as magick I sense it could easily be a simple sort of brain entrainment technique…maybe that’s all magick is anyway.

The fact that it’s an actual symbol that you build and concentrate on would probably work well with dreams considering…well, that everything is symbol in dreams even more than it is in waking life.

I’ve had some very interesting experiences with casting sigils…I wouldn’t say they’ve all had crazy ass results but many of them seemed to coincide with soon-after really trippy moments of synchronicity and coincidence.

So maybe try it and check out the results?

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all!

I created a Sigil Induced Lucid Dream technique a while back. It was pretty successful. I’ll need to dig up the link again, though.

thats not a bad idea actually.

i read about sigils a little while ago, but i haven’t tried doing one yet.

just be careful what you do with them though, because its like branding something on your subconscious or tattooing your mind.


It was a pretty good topic while it was active. Sigilwork is simple, yet effective. Assuming that you disregard the supernatural crap that is.

i really should have searched on it because your post gave a really well explained, detailed description, at least in comparison to mine.

I knew about the LD forum, must’ve been few years back, and now seeing it is a whole different matter. You guys really have taken the converations to cool places.

Hey Genkai, I looked up that thread and saw you moved through Choas ideas aswell. I can completely agree with the trappings of Chaos being of a pseudo-ish campaign. It’s like time and time again people try to revert pure skills back into a “group” with central doctrines, or un doctrines, whatever…

my question is how would you explain the greater Lucidity you’ve gotten to becase of leaving some of those ideas behind?

Ive been pretty intense about everything since ideas on the whole spectrum of MAGICK have been invested in…since then i’ve found all these main reasons for the effectivness of magick and it’s whole game, but again there’s always more.

I don’t understand, the letters thing/…