Good methods that often work on first try?

I am kind of posting this early, but I’m leaving for a few days tonight, and want answers :razz:.

Anyways, I am allowed on Fridays (Monday this time because I’ll be gone tomorrow) to wake up during the night and try one of the regular LD’ing methods, and I am wondering what methods often work for people on the first try.

I fall asleep rather easily any time, but if I stay awake for a little bit, I do find it slightly hard. So it can’t be something that requires WBTB.

I know it isn’t going to EVER be a guaranteed lucid dream, but one that seems to work pretty often on the first try, on the first night. Any like this?

Well, i’m no pro but i started with FILD, and WILD directly even if it’s not recommended.
If you want fast results, WILD, otherwise DILDs, knowing that DILD is better for starting.
At my 3rd try, i had PS (Or did i? No one answers my topic !) with WILD.
You shouldn’t choose because of time, but of your abilities. Try out fews, or go on this topic : ["How to Choose Your Technique" - By Treader)
Good luck choosing !

Ive found out what works nearly everytime for me: After 6 hours of sleep, 5 min awake and then imagining a dream I want to enter. In most cases I remember my intention when I’m asleep and do a RC.
And it is on :happy:

Try DEILD. Very high success rate.

there’s no actual method that works at first go. It’s different for everybody as well. But if you want to see results, WILD generally shows qickly.

Goodluck :content:

Well there really isn’t a best way to LD, but i would recommend WILD, works pretty good for me.