Great Recall-CHECK! An ounce of lucidity--not quite yet.

Well in the past weks and months it seems i’ve reached a plateu of sorts. As long as I use an alarm and a qucck autosuggestion before sleep, i have recall like a god (2-3 a nite now).

This is good in itself but even with constant RC’s and MILD, i never get anything close to an LD. I’m still workin on it, but i was wondering if when you pros were starting, you reached a plateu like this, and i was wondering what you did for a better chanc at lucidity. BTW, WILD is impossible for me. What method should i choose now, or is it something about my mindset when I do RC’s??

Any help would be great!

Actually, I did reach pretty much the same place. I had very good DR, but no lucidity.

How long have you been using MILD? If it’s been a long time (say, a month or more) you coudl move onto someting else. If you’re good at visualising, you could try VILD.
Or, if you can get to sleep quickly, you could try HILD.

Also, do you use WBTB? If not, then I highly advise you too (at first with MILD and then if that doesn’t work, a different tech). It improves your chances of having an LD alot.

What are you using for your mantra?

My mantra is : “I will wake up after every cycle and i will remember my dream. I will have a lucid dream”. However, of course, I only remember my dream. Sometimes i remember all of them in the morning, and sometimes i DO wake up after each cycle to write em down.

As you reached a good dream recall, you don’t have to mention it in your mantra. Focus more on getting a LD now. Perhaps you could try the “find your hands” technique. It works well and it will give you an objective to focus on.

I had almost no success with WILD, until last night. I made kind of a breakthrough as far as understanding what I am supposed to really do. I almost did one last night, without WBTB, and later that night I had a very low level LD.

Sorry for the slow reply… I would recommend you continue with your mantra, but consider also doing it when you go back to sleep after you’ve finished writing down your dream. :smile: