Greetings! First Lucid--Accomplshed! What's Next?

Hey, everybody! :content:
I just became really engrossed in LDs a few days ago and began practicing techniques to become more familiar with them. After a few nights of having better recall than usual and practicing my RCs, I think I had my first LD. I remember holding my nose, breathing in, and still feeling a rush of air. And at that moment I knew. “Dreaming…I must be dreaming.” Afterwards I didn’t want to become too excited and lose it so I let things continue. My mother and father appeared in the dream and talked to me for a moment. I began to spin to try and maintain lucidity. I remember feeling the spinning, but unfortunately I ended up losing lucidity quickly after this.
Needless to say, it was an amazing experience. Everything became brighter and fresher in my LD, even if it did only last a few moments. My question to you experienced and aspiring LDers is what is next on my list? Continue my current techniques (mostly MILD)? How should I practice to maintain lucidity for longer? And what are the first steps in learning how to take actions in or influence control over your dreams?
This looks like an awesome community, and I’m glad to become a part of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks to you, my friends. :happy:

Nice job on the LD! The hardest part is definitely over, I would say. You’ve had your first LD and many more will be sure to follow.

If MILD works for you, keep doing it! It wouldn’t hurt to try WILD or WBTB every now and then, either.

Maintaining lucidity can be tough, but this is a really good thread to read if you’re having trouble.

I’ve found that influence over dreams has a variety of factors, the most important being how lucid you are. Try to yell things like “Increase lucidity!” and really focus on all the details of the dream. If you want to fly or something, you have to really believe you can. Just keep telling yourself you’re in a dream and anything is possible!

Good luck on your LDing and welcome!