Hand method

I found a nice method. I’m gonna try this one. Anyone heard of it?


If you do try, let me know how it works for you. :smile:

Realy liked this method, going to try too
I’ll post here my results

Sweet. :content:
I’ll definetly give it a go…

You do know that this is very old?

Also, this has worked for me in about all of my lucid dreams that weren’t spontaneous. (the rest was text)

It’s old, but it works great. When I was a newbie at lucid dreaming this helped me a lot. Now I find that just simple auto suggestion works wonders for me.

Always worked for me when I tried, classic technique :smile:

Yes, I know it’s old. But it’s good for the newbies. And for me. it worked. :content:

Never heard of this one before…I’ll try it out tonight. :smile:

Yes do and please report back how it worked for you. :smile:

Congrats :wink:

It didn’t work for me last night though. I was too tired to concentrate on my hands for a long time, but I’ll try harder tonight :cool:

Thanks imwhoiam! :happy:

I hope it works for you aswell. :hugs:

Actually it didn’t work for me last night either. But I’ve only been trying it for two nights though… Better luck next time, maybe :wink:

Do it before falling asleep and if you happen to wake up at night, do it again. That’s how it worked for me.

Good luck! :smile:

This is an excellent technique. I used it successfully many times when I first tried to master LDing. Looking at your hands while in a lucid dream can also stabilize your dream.

Tip: Try painting just one of your fingernails a bright color or wear an eye catching ring on a odd finger during the day. That will make you more aware of your hands.

Another similar RC that works well would be looking at one’s feet (toes especially, like fingers the number can be way off).

This foot RC would be great for those who don’t wear shoes around the house or wear open-toed shoes often.

hmm i’ll try this method see if it works :happy:

It worked, it worked :yay:
I combined it with WBTB, and some autosugestion, and it worked like a charm :obe:
This was actually my first induced LD :happy:
When I looked at my hands, they were really weird, my fingers were crossed and bent, like someone broke every bone in my hand. It was just the right hand that was distorted, but I wasn’t scared at all :happy:

YAY!!! Congrats imwhoim! I’m so happy for you!!! :hugs:

This is a good method. It’s the way I used to learn LD’ing. I wrote a long time ago a topic about this but it’s certainly in the archive now. By the way, you can search anything in your dreams. Now your hands are easier to find cause you always have them. :wink:

So, is there an explanation to the fact that our hands look abnormal in our dreams?
Not that I’m complaining or anything :tongue: this hand method is really starting to work for me and last night I was missing one finger on my right hand :whistle: