Happy 10 year anniversary LD4all! :D

Happy tenth :partying_face:


I lost my post here during the big loss in posts. Well, this was the ambigram I made for LD4all for the occasion.

As far as what I think of LD4all is concerned, in a few select words, I simply like it a lot and it means a lot to me.

:touched: thank you everybody for all your kind words :happy:
LD4all wouldn’t be the same without all of you… LD4all is you :happy:

It always gives me a feeling of happyness and gratitude when i read how inspiring LD4all is for everybody :smile:

I loved your story sandra, i said it already but i’ll say it again ^^
cool background wolbeth! :smile:
I love the ambigram alvin! :thumbs:

the flying course is my favourite too on the old site :grin:
Thanks FiXato, there are two poems on there, so i wonder which one you mean. (one of them is also in my Qreation topic now).

I will always keep improving the site and add new stuff. It is so great to see it evolving from a seed of my mind into a flowering community, to see friendships develop between people across the globe who would otherwise never have been aware of each other’s existance. To welcome people who come here and see they are not the only one to have lucid dreams. To see the exitement of one’s first LD.


thank you everbody for making LD4all LD4all :smile: