Happy 22nd anniversary LD4all!

22 years ago, I created the site that we now all know as LD4all. I am grateful that it has proven to be a home and learning space, a playground and a place to feel that you belong, for so many dreamers. That it has been a place to help so many of you get their first lucid dream and improve their lucid dreaming skills. all of this is done by YOU, through YOU. LD4all is merely a facilitator.

so thank you, once again, thank you all.
and from the deepest of my heart, a special thanks to Moogle, Siiw, Ysim and Eila. A thank you for a certain group of people who know who they are :wink: Thank you, chatmods. A thank you for everyone who is and has been, and will become a part of LD4all.
now lucid cookies for all and time to celebrate!

:eh: It’s fascinating to think that the website ‘seed’ was a university project. Qu has guided it through TWENTY TWO years and throughout those years it has kept to it’s mission of spreading knowledge about lucid dreaming. The vibe has always been welcoming, friendly and inclusive.
Many forums die after a few years, the owner losing interest. Or the owner grows the site until the owner can sell the site and members to the highest bidder! We are so lucky to have Qu at the helm keeping LD4all on the right course through the years.
Thank you Qu. Thank you LD4all for enabling me to add to my previous 3 LDs (over 46 years).

Thank you Qu, moogle and all active members. I appreciate the opportunity of talking to so many dreamers.

I would like to point out 22 reasons based on fact to hold a special event for the 22nd anniversary:[spoiler]

  1. You can use 22 as some sort of pun to invite people, as in “you too/two”, please invite more people to this party;
  2. May 25 2018 is Friday, a common day for parties, so please try the quest!;
  3. May 25 2018 precedes the weekend, so you can invite people who only join during the weekend;
  4. 22 is the amount of players who start playing football/soccer. The yard 22 marks imporant lines in rugby and cricket;
  5. 22 is the number of yards in a chain;
  6. 22 is a sequence of two-two’s, literally, this means it’s naturally run-length encoded (example: if you see 1111, you can say four-one’s), it is also a pair of twos and they are all even;
  7. 22 is composite and semiprime, (divisible by 1,2,11. 1211=22). You have two and one as divisors and two-ones (11) there; two times two-ones is 22 (2*11=22). The sum of divisors is 14, less than 22, then it’s deficient by 8 (deficient number);
  8. 22 is a centered pentagonal number (you can form perfect concentric pentagons by using 22 dots) and a central polygonal number (if you cut a circle with 6 lines, the maximum number of pieces is 22);
  9. 22 divided by 7 is aproximately Ï€, according to historical records, this was used since ancient Egypt. “More recently”, it was made famous by the 1897 Indiana Pi Bill (USA) where a legislator wanted to create it a law to force people to use 22/7 as Ï€;
  10. 22 is the atomic number of titanium;
  11. 22 in hexadecimal is 34 in decimal and 42 in octal. This number is also the code for quotation mark;
  12. 22 is the default port of SSH;
  13. 22 is used in the name of at least 6 songs, one book (novel) and two movies;
  14. 22 is sometimes represented as a pair of ducks;
  15. 1922 is the year of independence of Egypt.
  16. Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in 1922;
  17. USSR was formed in 1922;
  18. During 1922 modern art was trendy, cubism, futurism, suprematism, dada, constructivism, de stijl and art deco were the thing, you could use it to inspire some art;
  19. Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters;
  20. The Tarot has 22 Major Arcana;
  21. 22 in military may refer to .22 caliber, the USAF F-22 aircraft and a paradoxical situation where one cannot escape;
  22. 22 is the last number in this list and number of items.

Remember that we have a quest to celebrate.

Happy birthday LD4all! Thank you Qu and everybody else who has been a part of this place. I have met so many wonderful people through here.

Happy birthday ld4all!

Late happy birthday, recently got reminded of this forum. Man, my account is old :open_mouth:
Not as old as the mod somewhere above here, I saw. But still!
24 now, gotta get back into LD :smile:

22 years and still swingin’ !!

Happy 22nd

Happy 22nd birthday, LD4All!


I am super late to this party, but super grateful to be thanked. I can’t explain how much it means to me. :cry:

I love this place so much. Thank you to Qu for caring about it for so long. And to all of you members and visitors, for giving us a reason to keep doing what we’re doing here. I love you all!

/me shares birthday cookie ice-cream cake! :content:

And next year we celebrate 20 years of having a forum :peek:

I’ve been putting off replying to this since I really didn’t know how to say what I wanted to…

I do, however, know that I want to say “nah, don’t thank me”. Really, I do what I can for this forum because it’s what I want to do for the community (and for you, Qu). I suppose the polite thing is to say “You’re welcome”, but really I’m going to say “thank you, Qu, and everyone in the community”. It is every member that makes this community the wonderful internet home I love. I have never found another place quite like LD4all and doubt I ever quite will.

Qu, you created this. You made this place and guided this community for two decades. I think that you are due the greatest thank you.

So, cheers! :beer:

Congrats LD4ALL!! 22 years, huh?
I discovered this site about 15 years ago, at a time when I needed some support from other dreamers to get back into it.
Having popped in a few more times over the years, it’s always great to see the site still alive and breathing.
It’s a different internet now, with alot more products on the shelf, but LD4ALL is a brand name you can trust :wink:

Excellent work, people!