Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD)

I’m really surprised that this topic was forgotten after all the praise the technique received. I’m going to try it tonight and post results tomorrow. :ok:

I just wanted to say that I used the technique in the first post last night, except instead of moving my fingers I used my stomach muscle. I was asleep in about 2 or 3 seconds and a few seconds later I did a RC to be sure.

Link to my DJ is in my sig.

I may try SILD or HILD sometime. I think my stuffeh nose is affecting my WILD ing and sleep. Dx

:cry: Ugh. I was too excited last night and couldn’t even get to sleep! I will try again tonight.


This technique is worth its weight in gold. Hargart where are you so I can give you the praise you so richly deserve. As far as im concerned this is the number one method when it comes to LD’ing, far better than anything Laberge and his crew came up with. This should be trumpeted to the heavens, shouted from the rooftops etc, be sure to tell a friend about this.

In fact this is so easy I’ve been giving this method to my friends and family, which I never did before because of the long complex explananations I’d have to give with the others, but this is so simple. And as someone pointed out, instant gratification, you either get lucid or you dont.

The LD itseelf was brief. I woke up, started moving my fingers and within about FOUR seconds, I felt myself ‘go under’. Now the main sticking point with this technique seems to be the getting out bed in the ld part. After I became lucid instead of waiting and breathing through my nose as he says for 30 secs, I instantly tried to visualise my room, couldn’t quite get it so I visualised another seen, this time a forest, and before I knew it I had actually entered the scene, I took sometime to explore it but eventually lost lucidity after becoming involved with a story there, but it was one of the most vivid NDs i’ve ever had.

You’re right Hargart, you did rob a bank :cool_laugh: .[/b]

Congrats mapreader. :thumbs: It’s to bad that Hargart is no longer around to accept the praise. I’m going to try again tonight, hopefully I 'll actually be able to get to sleep!

By the way check out how Hargarts method panned out on the dreamviews boards, it had and even higher success rate there. If this method isn’t the holy grail of lds, I don’t know what is.

dreamviews.com/forum/index.p … c=5270&hl=

I’ll try this tonight. I hope I’ll have my first LD by the time I post what happens.

I didn’t wake up many times during the night, when i did though, I wasn’t tired enough. So I didn’t get a chance to use HILD.

keep trying, believe me, its worth it.

wow… last night was the first time I tried this technique, since I read it for the first time in here yesterday… and I actualyl had a low level lucid dream. Im so excited with this tech, it sthe first time that a tech works on my first attempt. and by reading other posts looks like this tech has worked for alot of people. awesome.

Another suceess for Hargarts method, I hereby declare, on the rate of success both here and on the dreamviews forum, that this is the best ld technique ever concieved.

Okay I will definately try it now, you motivated me mapreader.

yeah its really worth it. the best thing about it, is its so easy to do, and you dont even have to get out of bed at all. Im gonna be doing tHis every single night.

what happened yesterday was, I went to sleep at 12:30 am, and woke up at 4 am. I had left the tv on, so I had to get up and turn it off which probably woke me up a bit. but then I went back to bed and just relaxed, I was feeling really tired though. I started doing the two finger thing under the matress, and I waited 20 seconds… started feeling my body like tingling, really weird,and my fingers were feeling incredibly numb, so at that moment I did the nose RC, but it didnt work, so I tried again, but this time I just had to wait like 10 seconds and I immediately entered an LD


With all the success this topic has had I really think it should be stickied.

I just noticed that Hargarts looked at this thread today, well he didn’t post but at least he saw the praise :smile: .

Welcome back to life my oversized topic, heh.

Froggy, very interesting… You were able to use your stomach muscles instead? I’ll have to give that a shot. Actually, I just thought of something…

A few weeks ago I was trying to figure out a way how to reach that tired state required for this tech… the point just before you fall asleep. I came up with this…

Lay on your back, rest your elbows on the bed along side your body, and point your forearms towards the ceiling. Then, bring your hands together, so that your forearms form an upside down V above your body (and the arms are supporting each other’s weight). Balance your arms in the air ( it should take almost no effort to keep them up in the air while resting on each other ).

Once in that position, go to sleep. Keep in mind that you should be tired already before you try this.

Now here’s how it works… If you are able to fall asleep in this position, your arms will fall the instant you start to lose consciousness. The movement and impact of your arms on your body will cause you to wake up again (only slightly).

Now maybe combine this with the stomach muscle movement that Froggy used, and it might just work.

Thanks everyone :smile:

… Now where’s my steak dinner!!

Take note of the “virtual” part, I’m hunting it down in google images as we speak :smile: .

Anyway, a big welcome back to the legend himself :wink: .

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@hargarts1 yeah this is best technique it works for me i am using this tech for 3 nights here but the problem comes to me i actually fell asleep without doing it it happen very fast today when i woke i take tea and i thought may be i should sleep and try this so i went to bed and i start it within 1 minute i think i fall asleep,it happen sudden i saw my room may be it was false awakening i think so i sleep in dream and i start Roll over i dont know why i do this but it was amazing feeling when i start i felt slight vibration and i speed up and i felt very hard vibration after some seconds i felt i came out of my body but the problem with me is it is not my bed yeah same room but not same position saw my body on my brother’s bed came out in my body it happens two time i think these were false awakenings anyway’s when i sleep again in dream now i saw myself i was standing in a place i became lucid so i did hand RC it was successful yeah so i felt power in body lile magneto :joy: i Then I started breaking and smashing and then I thought if this is not true then I did RC but it failed then I was a little scared that may be i have break my brother’s place then again i did Nose pinching RC but it successful so i understood oh God 3 false awakenings so i start flying it felt very real i was looking down a boy looked at me i was smiling at everyone then I saw my late relative I asked him where did you go show me that place then he said you really want to see I said yes he said look here then when i looked here my eye opened :innocent: Has this happened to any of you 3 times? I mean false awakenings

Well, tonight I decided to try this technique. I am quite good at waking up without the help of an alarm clock, so I just woke up at night(unfortunately, I forgot to put the clock by the bed and was afraid to get up, so as not to disperse drowsiness). So, I started moving my fingers, it feels like I did it for about 2 minutes, but the first RC did not give results. I waited for about 2-3 minutes and made a second attempt, during the execution, I felt a tingling sensation all over my body, but RC again did not give results. Did I do something wrong? Anyway, today I will try to load myself mentally and physically to feel more sleepy and tonight I will try again.