Has anyone tried this.

Making a series out of LD’s,like every LD is an episode and the next one will continue where the last one left off.When I start having lucid dreams I was thinking about doing that.

I believe writerscube has done something like that.

But not quite.

when i was little, i used to have these dreams that had a very obviously common theme to them. It was sorta like a series … but not quite… (and they were NDs)

I’ve made episodes of my dreams before. One example of this is the first couple of dreams in my Dream Journal. I managed to make the dream continue by thinking about it a lot while I was drifting to sleep.

When I first read this topic I thought, “Nah, I haven’t.” But then after thinking about it more, I thought, “Wait a minute. I think I see a pattern in my LDs.” I’m slowly getting better at WILDing, and every time I succeed in one, I get up from my bed. Then I do random stuff after that. But the main point is that I always start from my bedroom in my LDs when I WILD. :happy:

I heard some people think of a story before they sleep and it carries to their dreams.