Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :)

hahaha…Adderad wants his moneys worth :tongue:

Ah… I like to donate some money. But I still didn’t got my bank account in mah hands. :\

Thank you BaYoNeTTe ! :happy:

No icon to put in the sig for the 2010 sponsors? :roll:

I hadn’t planned on making icons, since I don’t do yearly fundraiser anymore, but if you like an icon I can make you one :grin: Will have to wait until I’m less busy though :bored:

If you didn’t plan to make a lil’ icon and moreover you’re busy, then don’t do it, it was not important at all. :wink: Thank you anyhow for proposing it. :smile:

You asked for our forum username in the payment, but I didn’t see that option… so here’s an FYI that you’re getting something from over here. :peek:

Thank you so much! I wondered who you were :smile: I’ll add your name to the sponsorpage when I’m on a computer again :smile:
much appreciated! :yay:

When I have my first lucid dream I will donate $10USD. I know it is not a lot, but every little helps. This is a promise.

I will be more then happy to give. I owe alot to this forum both for my LDing, and the moral support you guys have given me. I get payed in two weeks. Please PM me incase I forget, because I am forgetfull like that. Plus given the fact that you put up with my insain brain without banning me. LOL

Hey pasQuale you are from Holland?!

Tof… :razz:

But I’ll think about donating when I have some more LD’s, I’m still sure I’ll get one soon !

For the gratitude I feel towards this site and all its users :wink:

If I get this Flash job I interviewed for, I’ll donate… :nerd_face:
If not, it’ll be one of these days… 12+ years, I probably owe 'ya! :tongue:

In the meantime, I did have an idea for you… I put a little LD4All patch on my avatar the other day and thought you might be able to sell real world ones as a fund raiser. They’re pretty cheap to manufacture, and would work like business cards if people put 'em on backpacks and such. Just an idea – there might be a place like CafePress where you could offload it onto a third party so you wouldn’t personally have to handle orders and such…

Thank you for that tip dunlar :smile:
We have LD4all buttons and stickers in the LD4all store in the meantime :grin:

Thank you, much appreciated :smile:

There should be a small contribution on your account tomorrow. Veel plezier ermee. :seer:

Thank you in advance! :happy:

Got it :smile: Much appreciated! :content:

Thank you, Marvin / BaYo (I still can’t get used to your new name!) for your generous donation :yay: (I guess all that tax collecting in Allac & Calla was for a good cause :grin: )

As soon as I get my first LDs I will donate as much as I can afford easily.
Also I don’t know if something like this is needed, but I maybe could do a little designing / coding.

I don’t know if you know it but you helped tons of people (including me) getting started with LDing and you did a really well job by creating and maintaining this platform and I would really like to know I’ve helped this site.

Greetings from Germany and biggest congrats on all this,

Ah, and BTW, you are the first person who gets me so close to donating :wink: