Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :)

There should be a small contribution on your account tomorrow. Veel plezier ermee. :seer:

Thank you in advance! :happy:

Got it :smile: Much appreciated! :content:

Thank you, Marvin / BaYo (I still can’t get used to your new name!) for your generous donation :yay: (I guess all that tax collecting in Allac & Calla was for a good cause :grin: )

As soon as I get my first LDs I will donate as much as I can afford easily.
Also I don’t know if something like this is needed, but I maybe could do a little designing / coding.

I don’t know if you know it but you helped tons of people (including me) getting started with LDing and you did a really well job by creating and maintaining this platform and I would really like to know I’ve helped this site.

Greetings from Germany and biggest congrats on all this,

Ah, and BTW, you are the first person who gets me so close to donating :wink:

How are the donations going? I recently earned to ability to spend money online so I’m sending a euro or dollar to various sites that I like. I suggest everyone do the same :smile: If everyone do so it will make a difference.

Perhaps you could announce a Moneybomb :smile: It’s basically a set date where everyone is encouraged to donate as much as they want. I will donate once more if you do so.

Thank you WASD! :smile:

The moneybomb sounds like a cool plan, now to set a date :hmmm:

Been wanting to donate for awhile and was finally able to since I have a job now. :happy:
I’ll buy a cup from the store once I move out too.

Thank you Wyvern! :happy: Much appreciated :smile: good luck with your job!

You know… I forgot that ld4all had a store. Hey, is it any way possible for us to get new stuff? Like new tshirts with new slogans and stuff? I would love to create slogans, it could be so fun. Most of the shirts look like the logo and the site with ‘am I dreaming’ or so. And the Uaeaeaeae shirt is in yellow! D= I don’t know how the store works, but if we are able to make new stock or so, let us know :open_mouth:

:smile: I am so happy right now because after reading ld4all, I am starting to realize what I have been experiencing. About a week ago I had a lucid dream. I was swinging in a saddle type swing on my stomach. I was pushing back and forth and suddenly these beautiful leaves appeared on the ground and i was touching them as I swanged back and forth. Then suddenly while swinging i was high enough to look up and i leaped out of the swing and went straight into the air and suddenly this beautiful, i am talking a beauty that i had never seen before blue sky appeared and somehow i became the sky, it was so still and peaceful, from that point I looked in front of me and i began to swing again but i was swinging in the sky and suddenly this silver like grayish cord appeared and I grabbed a hold of it while i was still swinging, then these huge huge white clouds appeared, and I started swinging towards them, but i slowed down from swinging because as i was getting closer to these beautiful white clouds i became afraid and woke up. It was the most awsome experience i have ever had. Thanks ld4all :smile: :smile:

when in fact there’s a lot of work behind it!

I’ve been on this site for 7 years…a donation should be coming your way some day :happy: Expect it in the coming months.

Thank you Redifin, Siiw and Fate for your donations! :yay: :thumbs:

You can expect more as my budget will allow :smile:

I’v donated a SMALL amount, but it will come more. Just found out about this page several hours ago, it is a very interessting site! Thank you so much for making this, finally i don’t feel alone about this thoughts :grin:

Thank you Balthasar! :smile: Every small bit counts :smile:

Is it okay to just buy something from your store? Will you still make a profit?

Yes - if you buy from the store the markup goes towards LD4all :smile:
(it’s between 7 and 1 dollar depending on what item you choose)

Thank you so much Rodrigo] for your generous donation! Much appreciated :happy: