Have no idea what happened? Someone explain please?

Hey guys,
Something strange happened last night and I really would like to know what it was. Hopefully someone will know what I’m talking about, but if nobody does, then ignore my post. Anyways, these days I haven’t had the time to practice to lucid dreaming, but I have done so before (with a few successes… I think).

Yesterday, I was lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep. I was already tired from lack of sleep due to assignments so it felt quite easy. I was in a relaxed position and I knew I was still awake but very close to drifting off. I closed my eyes and moved my fingers to try FILD (this has worked for me once)… because I had the opportunity to (and I thought of it randomly). Then it happened, the sinking feeling and random noises which I’ve experienced before so I kept calm. When it ended, I opened my eyes, did the reality checks and knew I was dreaming. However, a series of random events happened and I could not control any of it. The entire time i was trying to change the setting (because of the random events were turning out to be a nightmare) but couldn’t. I then woke up really quickly and pretty much remembered all of it (I normally have average dream recall, but this time knew it was different). Anyone know what I was doing wrong?

Sorry for long post.

Congrats on an LD :smile:
You didn’t do anything wrong, sounds like you just need some practice is all. When you find yourself lucid and it’s hard to control things, just keep thinking to yourself not ‘I think I’ll be able to do this’ but try not thinking about it whatsoever! Act as if you know for a fact without a doubt that you’ll be able to do what you want to do because there’s nothing stopping you. Which there literally isn’t something stopping you :smile:
Just keep practicing and remember that anyone can do it you just have to know you can and not just think that you may be able to.

Hope this helps!

Taking control of a dream may require patience and calm, it’s about trying until you get it right, and staying positive :wink: because that will influence your dream greatly.
To improve your dream control, you can read a couple of guides I have written on the subject ^^

FILD kept me awake last night maybe i moved my fingers too much? :meh:

You should use a position you can easily fall asleep in, and be gentle with those fingers, you have to move them just enough to be aware of them as you drift off.

Thanks guys for the replies. Definitely helps.

I will try what you suggested db. Sounds about right. I wasn’t 100% sure of myself I guess; need to practice a lot more.

I will read your guides foxyChor. Thanks for the suggestion.