Having a bit of a problem...

Every night, I fall asleep and set my alarm to wake me up 6 hours after I fall asleep to do WBTB. I stay up for 15 min (staying up longer makes it harder for me to fall back asleep). Afterwards, I do a MILD mantra/visualization for 5 minutes while lying in bed. I usually end up falling asleep after 45 minutes. When I wake up, I remember my dream, but I don’t actually obtain lucidity in the dream itself. My consciousness is incredibly passive as the dream itself occurs and I can only piece together what happened right after waking up. This pattern has continued for about 3 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can actually improve my consciousness awareness that I am dreaming?

pick a different method of getting lucid :smile: as simple as that. 3 weeks is a great deal of patience (respect there), but it obviously shows that this method is not for you! but don’t be disappointed, there are many other ways to get lucid.

i should know, because WBTB also never worked for me. you should try other things. one ir particular that i really like (but it’s not easy either) is to make yourself wake up often and RC each time. even with a lazy SC (just like mine) this makes you RC in a dream. then also, if waking up is too hard (and you should wake up at least 5 times if you want to try this), try something else again. try looking for DS’s during the day and RC upon seeing them. try to simply RC during the day (at least 30 a day, 50 is optimal). try LL (which is really hard, but maybe it’s your way? some of the best lucid dreamers here do that, it’s trying to be aware all day and think you are constantly in a dream).

then if this fails, try naps. naps have been the only way that i could achieve a WILD so far. during a nap, your brain acts quite differently, so it will be much easier to be lucid than after a WBTB. but have patience, it might take more than an hour.

trying one method for 3 weeks is not good. your brain gets used to it fast enough, it needs alternation. another thing: quit alarms. use autosuggestion (“i will wake up at 6 am…” etc). an alarm startles you and makes your dream disappear much, much faster. if you wake up naturally, it should be better.

and most importantly, care about your results and have strong confidence :smile: confidence is the main thing that builds LDs.

good luck!

Mostly what avalinah said.

I would suggest you to try with LL. It doesn’t have to be so strict and detailed at the beginning… Maybe just something that suits you… Here’s the topic that helped me a lot so try with this…

Good luck!