Having trouble contacting the REM Dreamer guys

Hey all.
About a month ago I sent an e mail to the guys who seel the REM Dreamer, the European equivalent of the Nova Dreamer, to ask them some questions about shipping, etc. I never heard back from them, and I dare not place an order if I can’t speak with them. I think it’s because my e mail was in English and the company selling this device is based in Poland, maybe they didn’t understand my e mail.
Anyways, have any of you guys had trouble contacting them?

Did you try to send another e-mail? Perhaps your e-mail was accidently deleted. I would try and contact them again and see if you get a response. I agree that it is not a good sign if you have a hard time contacting them. Most legitimate businesses are eager to talk to people about their products in hopes of gaining another customer.

Indeed, like I said I would never buy something from someone I couldn’t make contact with.
I think I’ll e mail them again.

Ah ha! I came across a REM dreamer add here;


I guess if they have adds for it on the internet, they’re probably safe to order from, if I decide to order one that is :smile:

Just because something is advertised on the internet does not mean it is legit! I would suggest caution if you have not been able to contact the makers of the rem dreamer.

Check out the Dream Maker topic.

True enough.
Yeah, I’ve looked at that topic and from what I’ve read no one here as ever used a REM Dreamer, so I guess no one has contacted them either.
I might try sending an e mail in Polish, if I don’t hear back. It’s a Polish company afterall.

Ah ha!
The REM dreamer is also advertised on this website :tongue:
Well, I suppose they’re probably alright to order from, I just wish I would hear back from them. It’s the shipping I wanna know about. Can they ship to Canada? That’s what I want to ask them.

I spoke to them about 6 months ago through many emails, they always got back to me quick. But i became dissatisfied with what people were saying about the product. So i did not bother buying it. I asked them do you ship internationally and they said yes of course. You will find that the price is 5 euros to ship internationally so in your case being in Canada is fine you just pay 5 euros everywhere.

Hmm, many e mails eh? It’s strange that I haven’t heard from them already. Oh well, as long as they’ll ship to Canada.
Would you happen to know of any sources of costomer review for this product?

Just in the rem dreamer topic.

You should read it before you make any decisions.

Sounds like a plan, I’ll go read it before I decide what I’m going to do.

I sent email to them around three weeks ago, and I didn’t receive aswer. Then I contacted with Mr. Adam Bytof www.trans.of.pl and he infromed them about my email and then they sent email to me:
"We didn’t received your last email. Perhaps our antispam filter has deleted your email. We will change our email on website to remdreamer@wp.pl - it hasn’t that filter.



Thanks Altar for the link.
I still haven’t heard from them, I guess I’ll try the different address you gave me.

Hello people, as you, I’m into this world and I have bought a lot of stuff and I been through courses, seminars, and so on, but I never tried the rem dreamer before, so I was looking for reviews about it and never found anyone giving a good explanation. IT is true!! is very hard to contact these guys, they have a really bad service. I asked them by e-mail the price of the rem dreamer, and weeks later they answer me telling me it was about 155dlls. then I decided that I needed something powerful to help me regain my abilities, (that I lost by joining the army) So I ordered it online, and they never e-mail me, I wrote them because at least I wanted them to assure me that they got the money, ten days later they just sent an e-mail saying “shipped today” just like that. In the web it says that they ship within 2 or 3 buissness days… Anyways I got the product, the mask is very comfortable, but the wholes where you see the flashes are in very bad shapped, they are not even the same size… I been reading about people receiving some that didn’t work, Luckily mine worked perfectly, at the begining I thought that it was very complicated, because you can programm it, to emit lights and sounds in different degrees and times, but it is not, it is very simple. The first night I used it, I put it on in the off mode, so it didn’t work because it was off LOL, but the simple fact of knowing I had it on and I was expecting something out of it, made me remember tons of dreams, I never remember anything, and I remember feeling my body in a state of profound dissociation almost ready for an out of body experience (I used to do OBE’s all the time by will, but since I joined the army I lost all my abilities). Anyways last night I used it with the default settings, but the lights were too bright that they were waking me up every time, but you can configure this, so I’m going to do it this tonight. However because It was waking me up in the middle of a dream I could recall a lot of different dreams throughout the night, and after it woke me up, it was very easy to set it again by pressing the button almost unconsiously… So I am very pleased with the product, now I think is worth it, it is very confortable to sleep with, you can even sleep on your side with no problem at all… I’ll be posting further results :smile:

Oh, btw the reason the holes are different sizes is because there is a little black square thing under one of the LED lights. I assume this is the “REM detector”.


I can’t understand why no-one else seems to have asked this question, but how on Earth do I use one button to configure multiple setup options? Morse code? Can anyone help me?

the four dip switches are configurations ,You use the button to config the dip switches in the order you want .Look at reyth dream log file
if you want to config the brightness you set the switch to 23 down and hold the button the same with all the other switches

I recently went on the remdreamer website and bought a remdreamer. I got an e-mail yesterday saying it had been sent I will write a review if no one has done one.

I don’t know if someone did. But write one anyway!

Where can I purchase the Rem Dreamer? I live in the US by the way?