Hello! First time starting out! :D

Hello everyone! :smile:

I don’t know what to put in my post…but, can anyone help me on how to start out not the wrong way but the right way? :smile:

I would greatly appreciated it.

Also I am very excited for my first lucid dreams! :smile:

Try software named Infinity. If your really dedicated to it, you’ll have your first LD in 2 weeks.

I’ve started it yesterday, I heard that its really good.

hello there scint, i would recomend reading the sticky posts in this section of the forum, and look anywhere else on the internet for info, youtube was where i started out, but personally i think this is the best place for info,

look for books written by stephen laberge (from what i can make out he is the grand daddy of LD`s) < just hold your mouse over initials like this to get a description.

whatever you do , don’t rush yourself or be put off if you dont achive LD`s straight away, some people it happens on first few attemps, others it takes longer, but do NOT listen to anyone who tells you that you might not be able to do this…EVERYBODY CAN do this, just be patient

also; keep a DJ, this seems to be very important, you will see why eventually

strictly speaking, there is no right or wrong way, it depends on your personality, different things work for different people

happy dreams

Thank you so much Beat Doctor and RODDERS790 :smile:

But Beat Doctor, isn’t the infinity website shut down?

I recommend reading this.

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … highlight=

Great topic to start with.

And read peoples dream journal for inspiration if you wish. Happy lucids. :wink:

DJ = #1 most important thing. There are a variety of techniques on top of that that you can read up on on this site.

[[software] Infinity)
“The Goods” is the audio for it which helps (I think).

Thank you so much everyone! :happy: