[HELP] A Very Strange Lucid Experience...

Hey all,

Last night was a weird one for me and I hope someone can explain what really happened to me.

While falling asleep

Last night I had no intention in becoming lucid because I wasn’t focused on it yesterday. No biggie, of course, however at some point I felt a ‘fibe’ and suddenly my legs were paralyzed. It quickly went to my body and arms as well. I was actually excited because I thought I’m entering SP. After I realized it was gone…

Around 05.00 - Woke up after a dream

This one really blows me away. Here’s what happened. After I woke up I checked my emails and such, but I was still sleepy and decided I’d go back to bed. I then thought about the FILD method and I started doing it. All of a sudden I felt like I was deep in daydreaming ( I started visualizing out of the blue, but I also know that visualizing is not needed or even allowed during FILD ). In this daydream I was spinning around ( to get dizzy, you know ! ) and all of a sudden I was walking down stairs. After walking three stairs down I did an RC ( the nose one ) and I could breath ! At that point everything became clear en very vivid.

But once I let my nose go it started to fade again so I decided to keep doing the RC during the entire dream. I guess I was breathing to fast since it woke me up.

Funny thing is when I woke up I had the feeling I was still holding my nose while breathing. And when I woke up I was breathing equally ( speed ) like in my dream.

Hope you understand what I meant with the last sentence, can’t explain it very well and my English isn’t the best.

So anyone got a clue here ! xD Cause I sure don’t.

If I think about the last one it would mean I had three techniques in one? WBTB , FILD and WILD?

Just because something has an own acronym, it doesn’t mean it is something totally separate from all the other acronyms.

So, WILD is a technique for itself, while in my opinion WBTB is a good preparation for WILD. And FILD,CILD is maybe not an own technique but a certain kind of staying focused doing WILD (just my opinion, other may have other definitions for it).

So maybe we should better talk about WILD/F (for finger moving while focusing), WILD/C (for counting to staying focused), WILD/M for mantras and so on.

Many people here stated they are doing some kind of WBTB before WILD to find a REM phase, and maybe only if someone achieved WILD while not having slept for hours before it would be worth mentioning.

Still I don’t understand what happened that night… I mean was I lucid or not? Can someone with experience help me with this issue, please?

Yes, it does sound like you were lucid, but it also sounds like you had trouble staying lucid and keeping the dream clear. The fact that your breathing rates were the same is very realistic, as your real body and your dream body often share these traits, even to the point where the real body will be looking in the direction that your dream body is. I would suggest that you read this topic for more information on increasing and keeping lucidity.

Thanks I’m gonna read the topic and hopefully learn some valuable skills to increase my lucidity. So if I have to beleave you, this was my first LD, sweet :razz: !

Had another one before but hearing from the experts here it was more likely to be a FLD.

Something very similar happened to me, where I was lucid dreaming, but had a strange awareness of actually being physically lying in bed. It made me feel like I was going to wake up and I was constantly doing RCs to try and convince myself I hadn’t. It lowered my lucidity significantly.

From your description, it sounds like what happened was, exactly what you describe. You did WBTB. You did FILD, with some visualization, and you spun to create some sensation and this got you into the dream. You did the nose reality check, and after that the dream began to fade so you kept pinching your nose, but it didn’t keep you from waking up. While waking up you still felt the dream hand pinching the dream nose. -This is normal, you were partly awake, partly asleep. While you are in that hypnopompic state you can reenter the dream without much trouble. As long as you can feel your dreaming body, you can try to increase the feeling and go back to sleep right into a dream.

A few times I’ve realized that I’ve been dreaming i’ll instantly become aware of my sleeping body and be controlling the dream remotely like through a first person T.V, however I have found by forcing myself into the T.V I am able to stay lucid.

When I did FILD, I was also spinning.
Also, many times, the nose RC doesn’t work for me…

Tried FILD this morning, didn’t worked, i don’t feel the “spinning HH”

Also, the dream body breathe is the same as your physical breathe, this is why when you do the nose RC you can breathe ,and when you wake up you have the same breathe speed that you had in the dream.

What exactly is FILD. It dosen’t seem official because there is no acronym explainer when you run the mouse over it. Ive heard it has to do with fingers but could you explain it in a little more depth please?

Im kinda at a loss.

First of all, FILD is basically where you wake up in the middle of the night, wiggle your index and middle fingers back and forth against your leg for about thirty seconds (don’t count though, it ruins it), and then do a RC. You can either wake up and do it immediately, or to make it work better (for me at least), you can do it after WBTB. It actually works really well! There is a topic on here somewhere explaining it; you should be able to search it if you wanted to get a more in-depth explanation…

Secondly (@Faraday), the nose pinching RC can be very effective, but it also is one of the top failing RCs…

I’ve never heard that one before, it has never, not even once failed me.

Yeah, it either works really well for me, or completely fails (although, it usually fails…).

That’s right ,Nose RC may fail ,it’s why i look my hands before ,and after the Nose RC :happy:

And in case of, i close an eye and check if my nose looks like a shadow.

And in case of in case of, i try to put a finger in my hand.

Once, my hands had 5 fingers each and my finger didn’t go through my hand, but it was all good because I was already lucid and despite the failed RCs, I still knew I was lucid because I could fly…
Also, I have never heard of the nose shadow one, what do you do?

Thats sounds odd…

I think I’ll stick with WILD for now.