Help Badly Needed With WBTB :help:

I need some help :help: with WBTB, as stated in my title. Okay, so I have a few problems.

  1. I can’t wake up. I’ve tried several methods to wake myself up in the middle of the night, namely using an alarm, and I normally wake up to my alarm in the mornings, but I can’t seem to wake up to it in the middle of the night! Any tips on how to wake up in the middle of the night for WBTB would be very much appreciated. :smile: :help:

  2. I don’t have much time for sleep. On school days, I manage to get about six hours of sleep max. On the weekends, I get about eight (my bloody brother wakes me up by blasting his music really loudly before it’s a decent hour of the day. grumbles) hours. How long should I stay up for WBTB?

  3. I take a really long time to get back to sleep. See, I go to sleep really quickly, usually within five minutes, but when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can’t go back to sleep for a long time. Sometimes I spend an hour or more trying to fall back asleep! Would this be a problem with WBTB?

Thanks in advance for any replies, whether they have tips, answers, etc. in them or not, but preferrably with! :happy: (Obviously.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll give you chocolate. :happy: (And to let you know, I’m addicted to chocolate!) The first person that answers will get chocolate. :happy: Again, thanks in advance for replies. :open_mouth: :happy: :razz: :smile: ^^
P.S. Sorry if this has already been posted. I looked through the topics in this sub-forum, but I didn’t find it. If it has been posted before, please direct me to that topic. :smile: Thanks. :open_mouth: :happy: :razz: :smile: ^

You can use more than one alarm clock or make the waking sound louder. Have you tried autosuggestions?
The BIG WBTB Topic link:

It depends on the person how long you can stay up for WBTB. You should have a fresh mind but your body have to be tired enough to go to sleep again. I think six hours of sleep is not enough for WBTB. You have to sleep for 4,5 to 5 hours then stay up for 45 min. to 90 min. ( depends on the person ) and then go back to sleep. So you should get more sleep and a regular sleep cycle and talk to your brother :tongue: .

I have the same problem. When I notice that it take a long time for me to fall back asleep I think about the things that I want to do in my LD or how it feels when I get lucid. That focus your mind that you want to become lucid.

Maybe it´s the wrong technique for you…Have you tried out MILD? Or start doing RC´s throughout the day so you can get a DILD.

In this Topic you can find some techniques:

Good Luck!

Thanks for replying! :happy: gives chocolate And so quickly, too. :smile: (Of course, I just went to bed. eyeroll Typical, really. Oh well. :happy: You replied.)

The problem is, I only have one alarm clock (actually it’s my iHome thingy.), and I don’t even have a cell phone (don’t want one, don’t need one, don’t have one) or anything else. Hmm. I could try using a different alarm from my iHome thingy- it has two, I think. No, three. (One is the buzzer which I’ve been using, another is my iPod playing, another is the radio.) Anyway, I’ll try that. :smile: Yeah, I’ve tried autosuggestions. Thanks for the tips. I’ll check out the topic. :smile:

Hmm. I think I’d probably stay up for half an hour at the most? Maybe 45 minutes. (I have trouble getting back to sleep after a while out of bed.) I’m trying to go to bed earlier (doesn’t help that I’m a night owl by nature and naturally stay up late. :happy: Oh well, I’ll try. :smile:) every night to actually gete more sleep. Maybe I should go to bed earlier on school days than days we have off so it’s about the same amount of sleep? I think I’ll try that. :smile: I’ll have to do that. :razz: Of course, now my bloody sister started blasting her music at the same hour! grumbles about bloody siblings (I’m a triplet.) I’ll have to talk to both of them now. Of course, they don’t listen to me, so I might have to make one of my parents force them. eyroll

I’ll try that. :smile: Even on nights when I’m not trying a WBTB. :smile: I’m trying MILD, too, doing WBTB with MILD or WILD (that’s what it said for me in the “How To Choose Your Technique” topic) when I can actually wake up to my alarm. :razz: I’ve started doing Reality Checks throughout the day to try a DILD, but in my dreams, :dingding: , I keep missing my signs. I had a two dreams last night (I actually remembered two instead of one! :happy: happydance) that were so totally dreams that I’m still smacking my head against the wall, desk, and any other hard surface I can find. They were too obvious for words! eyeroll more facedesks, facewalls, facepalms, and facebooks Anyway, I’ll try RCing throughout the day some more and hope that :dingding: I don’t miss too many more signs. (I might get at least a mild concussion if I do, and I definitely will get another bruise or two. I say ‘another’ because I already have a lot from going down a whole flight of cement stairs {AKA Death Traps} and badly spraining, or possibly breaking, my foot.) ANYWAY, I’ll keep trying. :smile: It’s a bit early for getting up here (it’s only 9:03), so I might try a WBTB now (I’ve already been up for about 50 minutes.). :smile: I’ll check out the topic. :smile: Thanks for the link! :happy: Dang. Plan foiled by my mom coming in my room and making me get up and get going. scowls Oh well- I’ll try tomorrow.

I’ll tr- oh, wait! Sorry, I just realized I replied to this earlier! Heheh. :happy:

Thanks! Well, I’m off to eat breakfast before I die of starvation. :smile: Thanks again for the reply! :open_mouth: :happy: :razz: :smile: ^^
P.S. Woot! I finally figured out how to quote somebody! happydance Heheh. Sorry. :happy: I couldn’t figure it out before. :open_mouth: :happy:: P :smile: ^
P.P.S. Sorry for such a long post, mods! innocence :open_mouth: :happy: :razz: :smile: :slight_smile:

No problem! I hope it helped you and thanks for the chocolate. It was my favourite sort… :tongue:

Maybe you want to post your process in a DJ in the forum. I think there are more people who can help you with your quest for LDs!

It did help me. :smile: Though I still didn’t wake up. (I didn’t try last night because I had a swim team meet today- try swimming half a mile in 45 minutes on next to no food {thanks to the timing and me having only half an hour for lunch!} and not very much sleep! And in a suit that’s around 5 sizes too small and really bloody freezing cold water.) No problem for the chocolate. :happy: I LOVE chocolate! [b][u]Never[/b][/u] deprive me of or give me chocolate. I love any kind of chocolate and eat any I can get my hands on. White chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, unsweetened bakers chocolate… grabs some chocolate Heh. Now I’m really :hyper: Heheheheheh. insert evil laugh here :happy:

What do you mean by that? is a little bit confuzzled (Sorry if it’s a stupid question- my brain is seriously having a day off today. Earlier, I forgot the last name of one of my cousins that I live right next to!) Anyway, thanks for the tip even though it’s a bit confusing. :happy: (Well, to me, anyway, at this time of day!) Thanks again, and I hope so. :open_mouth: :happy: :razz: :smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry if it was confusing, but I thought you noticed the Dream Journal section.

There you can make your own Dream Journal and write down your dreams and your process. It really helps to increase your dream recall and other members will read it and maybe they can give you some tips how to reach the next level of LDing. You can also read the other members’ dreams and it´s a great inspiration for your own dreams.

Just take look around and then decide if you want it or not… … f435baf296 7aec2c9