Help inducing sleep paralyze and OBE

My story:
I remember I had some case of paralyzes back in 2005 when I was sleeping with my head on the desk at school, but really unsure if it was or not.
My first(real one in my bed) sleep paralyze was in 2007 December, and like many first timers I was scared like shit.
I thought of being haunted or had some kind of illness.

After the first encounter, the paralyzes came regularly.
I experienced like 1-4 times per day for 3 weeks.
After 1 week of this “sickness” I began searching for answers and found out everything about this subject, and more about other things like OBE, Lucid dream and astral projection, and I was finally reliefed.

After that day I managed to suppress the “creepy” feelings and later on, turned that sensation into the out of body experience.
Although sometimes I still got those “creepy” feelings.

Out of the 50+ times I’ve had sleep paralyzes I turned 30+ of them into OBE’s, great success :smile:

After that 3 weeks period, the sleep paralyzes gradually decreased.
End of the short story.

The problem is, I’ve not had any lucid dreams or sleep paralyzes since 2011 Easter.
I somehow missed of being paralyzed , OBE and all that stuff.

Can someone give me tips of how to be sleep paralyzed again?
I’ve have tried many guides, like sleeping on my back, the alarm clock so on…but no luck as far.

First of all, hello & welcome to the forums :smile:

Most likely, the technique you are searching for is WILD. You do it after 4,5 - 6 hours of sleep or during daily naps. It will let you enter REM sleep, during which you will experience lucid dreams/OBE’s whatever…
Instructions on how to do this technique are explained in detail in this forum - [WILD - An user friendly tutorial)

WILD may be hard to do at first, so I would also recommend to try lucid dreaming inducing techniques like MILD, All day Awareness and DEILD (Chaining). You will find tutorials on these techniques in the guides section.

Good luck!