Help me with my First Lucid Dream!

I am very new to forums as well as LUCID DREAM! :help:

I learnt some techniques on how to become lucid while dreaming, and i followed WILD method to become lucid and became Lucid after three days of hard practice! :smile: Here’ s my first lucid dream :

  1. Can anyone say, why i didn’t ( could not) want to lead my dream even though i knew i was dreaming? Is that because i was in a hurry in my dream?
  2. Why does dreams seem to move very fast? (even explained in the film INCEPTION ) Can’t we control the rate of the dreams?

I am sorry if this looked spamming… i am new to forums. Please help me guys! :cry:

After 3 days you’ve already had your first LD…darn you lucky bastard!

About your question. Just like you’ve learned yourself to do a RC when you encounter certain dream signs, you will also have to teach your self to take the next steps in lucid dreaming, which is taking control, stabilizing and prolonging the dream. There’s a good topic about this in the FAQ & Tutorial section:

You weren’t very lucid, or you were lucid just briefly.

Or you were experiencing what all of us experience in our dreams – which is that you’re not exactly the same person when you’re asleep that you are when you’re awake.

I was lucky indeed to have lucidity within 3 days! And thanks for your link! i will teach myself to stay lucid! thanks again…