Help on becoming lucid more often

I’ve been trying to have lucid dreams for a while now (A month or 2) And I’ve only had 3. I’m just looking for ways of increasing lucidity and dream recall.
I already do a DJ and I use the MILD technique (I think the WILD technique a bit scary with the HI and stuff).
Thanks in advanced!

There’s a way to fix both lucidity and recall at the same time, since both are influenced by improving your overall DR; so, you can read Rathez’s Beginner’s guide to LD’ing, and work from there. ^^

Thanks for the quick reply, but I’ve already had a look at that and most of that advice in that brilliant guide I’ve done already (You see, I was sneaky, had a look around before I posted :smile: ). Anything else?

Haha, it’s only great that you had a look around before asking questions, a lot of questions have already been answered afterall :content:

Some random ideas I can think of at the moment are, try imagining what a good LD of yours would be every now and then, especially what it would feel like to become lucid, and being in one, (especially basing yourself on past LD’s) and reimagining that feeling when going to bed, to aid your lucidity. Good luck on your Quest :wink:

Agreed with above. I think one thing that can really help is to try to motivate yourself to LD. Tell yourself you can do it and think about becoming lucid often. It’s really an issue of attitude more than anything. With the right attitude you’ll start LD’ing more frequently.

Time to go lead some cheers elsewhere…

Thanyou for the good advice! Lastnight because of your advice I recalled 1 and a little bit dreams!(By that I mean 1 flakey dream and 1 that I think might of happened and became lucid)

I’ve found that becoming more aware during WL is extremely helpful, because living like you might be dreaming is preparing yourself for the actual thing.

what i mean is simply this: if a dream seems just as real as what your doing right now, who’s to say your not dreaming?
strangely enough, you can answer this question with even more questions.
RC’s are the answer, wich you probably already do them, but here’s just one to add to your list to increase your awareness a bit.
“how did i get here?”
ask yourself this whenever you get to a new location, and remember the exact details of how you got where you are now.
in a dream, if someone was to ask you this, you would be completely clueless, and hopefully, when you ask yourself this in a dream, you will get the exact result.